Stag & Owl Print!

Due to popular demand (I hope) I have created a little shop, where you can buy limited edition, signed and numbered prints on fancy pants 100% cotton paper, available in two conveniently standard sizes! Huzza!



New Website & New Work

I’ve updated my website to include BOTH my Illustration work, my art, my signwriting AND my graphic design. My finger is in lots of pies…

Anywhoo have a lot at it all here:


I’ve been working on some new illustrations, that I think I might turn in to prints!


owl new

Personalised London crafting


Last Christmas I made two of these London Routemaster Pillows for my nephews, and this summer I made another two for nephew Levi & niece Madilym who were visiting from Canada. I’m not sure they know what a London buss looks like yet, but they liked them anyways!


The buss is pretty big, maybe 50x50cm or more, and it has the name on there obv, the number is the year the kids were born, and London transport is replaced with the family name.


It was lots of fun to make them, but it also took a looong time! I’m working up the courage to start another two or three.

I also made individual London tube signs for the kids, and i did some gender stereotyping by making the girls pink. With Maddy being Canadian, she does not know what the symbol is yet, so i figured she might like it better if it was pink, her favourite colour.