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Processing + Rabbits

I spent last night and this morning with ‘Processing’, apparently it’s suppose to make programming more accessible for us non programming types. I started out with a black line on a grey background and then moved on to squares and ellipses… I’m so proud. But yeah, totally dawning on me that every single thing i wanna do for my final project i need to learn from scratch. I have a feeling i need to learn how to use processing, flash, after effects and more, i also want to look in to time lapsing and ill need to find out how to add more screens together in a big grid, if that how i wanna present it in the end. It seemed like  way to much for only 9 months. And i just said yes to doing some extra days at work, witch is really handy what with paying rent and stuff but still… need to get on with the learning and the reading and the so on and so on.

Lately i have mainly been working on a new piece for my exhibition in Norway, its a lot like my meat/cat on but its just not there yet. I have just put it on top of a drawing i last last week, i think it needs some more meat tho…