It’s been a while!

It’s actually been just under a year.

But I’ve been busy, i left Whole Foods, got a job at Brakes, lost my job at Brakes and now I’m FREELANCE.

Check out my updated portfolio here:


Poor mans love of God

A couple of years ago I got bored and made a blingtato. This was right about the time when Damian Hirst made “For the Love of God” and kids were sticking swarovski crystals on theis phones . Instead of a scull all i could afford was a potato. From Tesco. And some CZs that Luke had lying around… no Diamonds are wasted on potatoes in our house.


The blingtato has been lying around our flat for several years now, and this is what it looks like now. Hard as rock but still shiny!


I saw Hirst’s scull at the Tate last year, it was very shiny. I prefer my own version.

“Poor Man’s Love of Good” or “The Blingtato”

Stolen bikes, sea life and Untitled 31

Untitled 31, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

Ive been a bit quiet this past few days, i have had other stuff on my mind…
SOMEONE STOLE MY BIKE! It was the first time i have ever locked it up, and i was so worried i constantly checked on it… one minute it was there, the next it was gone. Im gutted! I loved that bike, it was only a year old 😦

anyways, now i can start getting executed about getting a new one ! Yey new bike!

I did spend some time on other stuff too… I have redone my CV 4 times this weekend, and nearly finished my portfolio, so i can send it out to the world! Its not my art portfolio, more a everything i can do portfolio… its a little bit exciting.

AND i have been thinking about my next set of work… i want to leave the garden (flowers, worms, bugs, butterflies etc and move to the sea! I did this one print a few years back, with eels and jelly fish and other sea stuff, and i think i want to do more of that!

Via Flickr:
A1 Digital Print, digital collage and hand drawing, created in photoshop