Render break!

I have a render break every few hours now, i should use that time to write my essay but im not! Im blogging and looking up prices and generally being proactive about everything else!

But its ok!

I have a plan! (and a routine!)

Every night i do a low quality render of my film, some i put here, some i dont bother with. Then i watch the video about 3 times with a note book, and write down all that i wanna change, then i do the changes and render again, that way it will be perfect!

I m almost done now, im doing a few more stop motion animations, of some gem stones luke leant me, and butterflies, and some plastic bugs, they will be done today and then ill change it some more tomorrow, befor hopefully on wednesday i start the full quality render.

Also on wednesday my money should be here, and i will buy my precious projector! Luke called the apple help ppl and they said once i connect my old laptop to the projector new resolutions should come up and it might be able to play HD!!! that way i wont have to borrow uni computer, tho i would feel better with a mini mac!! I will wait and see, and also there is a danger that my laptop will not pass the test that they do on the equipment! Time will tell!

I have decided to build a plint for my projector, it will hide the projector so that no one wants to steal it, and it will also hide the computer! Ill paint it neatly white and make it from MDF with the help of Luke, and it will have shelves inside for the projector and the computer, and a door at the back. And on top i can put the postcards! Im getting very excited!

OH AND WE HAVE A TWITTER soon i will make an email account that we can send the invites from!

Later today i will add some video and some photos!


Projectors and stuff

Bleh, im so worried that something will go wrong!!

After thursday we realized that using bluray will not work, its too much money, to make the fils as like £300 or more, and then i need to get the player aswell.

I thought about using my old computer to play from, but it wont do the resolutions that i want, im not sure if the computers at uni to either… the mini macs might, BUT there is only 2 and we need way more! So we have to fight about who gets to use it. Well fight… not the right word. Im gonna give Andy the reasons why each of us need one, then he will have to decide!  what if i get the projector and it cant play???

im gonna try to build my own plinth, that way it can be the right size and also i can make it so that the projector is hidden, and then ppl cant come and fiddle with it!

the wall i am on is pretty big, 5 meters long if i use the whole thing, but i dont think the room is long enough to let me project that far away, and also the further it is from the wall the more ppl can stand in the way of the projector!

also i dont think have the celling hight for that either…

will figure it out… eventually!! HOPEFULLY!

Thursday Shmursday

I really need this project to finish now, i cant sleep anymore.

At 3 yesterday I was still awake after about 2 hours of starring at the walls, I had so much crap in my head, so i got up to write it down,  I felt my way to the desk and took about 5 min to find a pen, the i wrote down what was so important….
This morning i went to read it, and it turns out the pen i found was a really bright yellow gine liner, and i can make out a word i wrote down… but i think i remember, i was thinking about maybe setting up a mada2010 blog, and we could all have the password, and update stuff about the show! And also a flickr.

I have a tutorial today, and we are gonna try to allocate spaces for the show, both im pretty worried about! I have spent so much time on the video, and its not done yet at all, but i hope it will be around sunday, and also that there is nothing seriously wrong with it!!! We will see what andy thinks! I have rendered a sketch version of the video, it about half res and at double speed, its been really helpful rendering it, and watching it back, then i note down all the things i wanna change, sadly there is still alot i wanna change!

The space sorting outing will be tricky, everyone has such high expectations, and they all want to much space! We will figure it out tho!

Im also worried about how long it will take me to render the video! Im gonna put it to render when i leave today, and see how much it gets done in a few hours, then i can estimate how much time it will take!

Stuff i keep saying im gonna do but never do…

the list of that is getting longer ,i keep saying im gonna update the filan show page, but im to busy actally sorting out the final show to sorth out the page. maybe later!

we have got the website up, but some of us are missing, we have everyones photos and statments, and JB is doing the postcards, susan the catalog, im trying to collect all the information and pass it on to them, and the money from everyone, everyone must be so board of all the emails!!! i know i am!

i need to do some work now, and not just talk about doing it!