So ages a go i had an exhibition in norway and most of the work i did was documented here, but i never got around to showing the final resutl, so here are a few pics from the show, and more can be found on my flickr account.



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Its been a while

My crazy frantic stupid busy do everything at once time is finally over and its brilliant!

The show at Haugar went really well and it’s hanging nicely until January 31st! Yey. It took some work but we eventually got all the right parts hanging in the right places. Gonna add some photos once my internet is returned to me.

We moved house this weekend so waiting for the post office to put in a new phone line so we can get some internet up and running. I1m not doing very well without it, but my phone gives me my daily dose so i’m ok.

So ANYWAYS, I made some time lapses when i was in norway, only 2 and they are pretty crappy, used my dads nikon d200 and retouched the photos in lightroom2, then put them together using the animation feature in photoshop, so basically imorting all the photos as layers in one file, then flicking threw those layers… The settings went a bit wacky in lightroom and i forgot to turn off the auto light balance thingy on the camera… but here is it:

and this one

Now that the d200 has been taken away from me i have to find a new way of doing this, i could borrow another camera but id rather make it work with what i have.  I was shown how to do it using linux, but because of my crappy laptop being crappy i cant run puredyne on it, so booo. Will research some more.

Sunday in Norway

After the total stress of the last few weeks i have spend the day doing absolutely nothing, and its wonderful. My bags are still on the floor and just left the house to walk the dog and to get a long slow coffee with a friend. the only concern in my head is missing out on x factor when im here (IM SO SAD) but even that is sorted, cuz there is actually lots of sad ppl out there who put it up so i can download it. Over the last months is been one of those things that both me and my boyfriend takes time off work to sit down and watch, just as an excuse not to do anything at all. It’s nice.

Tomorrow I’m off to the gallery to start setting up, and i haven’t even looked at the work since i got here, but im sure flying went fine, its all wrapped up and dont seem to have any damage to it luckily! I’ll also be borrowing my dads camera this week to try and make some time lapses! My camera (nikon d40x) cant do it without me buying stupid things and stupid software, but my dads nikon d200 should do the job fine! I’m excited! And DSLR time lapses look really great. Will be shooting in raw, correcting in photoshop lightroom and making the films using the animation function in photoshop! I wonder if my dad has any lights standing around? Will ask tomorrow!

Here is a one i found of oslo at night that was made with a digital slr, im heading to oslo next monday for some sightseeing and friendseeing, should be good!

Oslo by Night – DSLR Timelapse Demoreel 1 from oyvinto on Vimeo.

I really dont like eating breakfast

I really dont like eating breakfast, its like a chore, and having to eat the same cereal every day just makes it worse, but i dont have time for anything else…

anyways, soon i will have time for something else!! I’m pretty much done with everything that needed to be done, today i just have to write some emails, fill in another application form and have a bath before i start packing! I’m flying home on saturday and hopefully the prints for the show will be ok in my suitcase and the big print should be waiting for me when i get home! It’s being printed by the really nice people at BK Trykk, and they are mounting it for me as well, it wont cover the whole wall but its still gonna be pretty big, around 2.2 x 2.2 meter! I’m so excited now, but also really exhausted!Had my project proposal presentation yesterday witch went pretty good i think, at least ok… i wasn’t very prepared tho…

i’m looking forward to getting my head around the project and start making some work, i think im gonna start off by trying some small time lapses, maybe even try to convince my boyfriend to let me use his light cube and lights…

Will post some picks from the exhibition sooooon!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!

Few alterations, nearly there! UPDATE: DONE! (kinda)

I’m nearly there now, a bit of retouching and a few more pieces of meat and its done… But after that i have to figure out what to do with the background and how to make it bigger, i really wanna fill the wole wall but it would be remarkably cheaper and easier to settle for a A0 – B0 ish sized print… That way i dont have to make it it 4 individual bits too… hmmmm…. will do some experiments and see… anyway here it is NEARLY THERE!!!



UPDATE!!!: Hurrah! I’m pretty much done now, i’m not sure how the money situation will affect the work, and the fact that i somehow have to take it to norway… will make a decision like next week ish. So this is pretty much what it would look like on the big wall if i use the whole wall (cutting off a bit of the sides, it looked stupid filling the whole space) i might do it in 4 bits but i was thinking that maybe to A0’s might work, but then im nt sure how to fit that in my luggage…




Yesterday I realized that I’m running out of time in a BIG way. Today it turns out i’m also running out of money… The wonderful term “international student” has once again given me a massive headache. I’m moving house in a few weeks, and because i am unable to find a guarantor in England I have to pay a full 6 month of rent in advanced, in the next week or so, I have some money lying around but i’m around £849 low, hopefully my bank will be able to give me an overdraft for some of that, if not then i am fucked… After running around in a circle for a while (in panic) i realized that once i pay the rent and the fees and deposit and whatnot, i wont actually have any money left to print my exhibition stuff, my exhibition stuff that I have to print pretty much right now… Brilliant isnt it. I ran back and forth to stockwell twise today and still nothing is certain. Great fun really… ANYWAY, While dealing with everything I also have a gazillion other things to do, among them the big print that I might not even have money for in the end (Yey!) But its coming along nicely.. this is what it looks like now :

meatnearlyI’m gonna do something about the flat pink between the flowers and the meat, and also i might add some more butterflies, and probably repeat some of the drawing in the white space in the center, I’m pretty pleased with the look tho and i think blown up all over the wall it should be pretty cool. I’m might do something with the background but not sure yet… only have a week to figure it out tho. I need some cake now!

I think I’m getting worse at this.

I keep forgetting to blog, and to do what i am suppose to do, my brain is mushy and my priorities a bit all over the place. And this cold isnt helping! Anyway, thought i should just do a big catchup post.

I was suppose to send Andy my project question thigy on friday, i remembered on sunday… still havnt done it yet. Mostly cuz i dont know what it is. I wrote down some stuff, and i think its something to do with how can i use aesthetic tools to create beauty, or something lame like that, but i dont know, im rubbish at this stuff. I’m gonna work on my proposal today so something might come out of that. Hopefully.

The website is up and running now, still has a few bits and bobs that needs sorting out but i’m really pleased with it this far. This is what it looks like at the moment:

Picture 4As it is now whatever you enter stays in the submission box, making it really easy to enter the same thing over and over again (as someone has done with “life” and “apathy”.  I’m not really sure if its a good thing or not, it makes it easy for someone to make a statement of something they feel strongly about, but im not sure if everyone knows exactly how the system works. I dont want to moderate the site in anyway, so i might just leave it like it is. If someone want to put “penis” in 2000 times then they are welcome to do that, but i might make it a bit harder to do that… maybe. Ok so thats the website stuff done.

I got some books the other week and im reading them slowly, “six names of beauty” is really interesting but not really what i’m looking for, it’s a bit random. I did go and pick up all my books from Farnham last weekend tho, so my bibliography is growing, along with the books i have mentioned earlyer there is also a boog on garbage, and one about shock art and some other stuff, ill try and get in to them soon!I think my research paper will be about like what space beauty holds in contemporary  art (way to broad tho) but its interesting reading about it, how beauty used to be the main kind of goal in art and now its just a side note (im not really sure what im on about but im sure i will have sooner or later).

As for the norway exhibition thing im still in a bit of a panic about funding and stuff but im also really excited! Tone, the curator, is working on the catalogue now and i found out we will have student studying contemporary art actually helping us setting up the show MINIONS!!! HAHA!

I’ve been working on the big wall piece for a while now and this is what it looks like atm:


Its mainly meat and rabbits, with a few rubies and butterflies, I have a few more changes to make and next i need to work on the background and the drawing. Lately i have been drawing a lot with pens but i think the pieces where i use pencil are a bit more effective. They look like they are drawn straight on the paper instead of being digitally added (even tho thats what they are). I’m really looking forward to getting this done but i’m worried about the printing, because of the size of the wall it as to be printed in 4 pieces and placed next to each-other. The other prints will be hanging off the walls with butterfly clips (most lightly) i think it adds a new dimension hanging them like that, they become less precious and it plays with some of the works almost religious looks (the symmetry and  cross shapes)… But with the big print they need to be connected somehow… ugh, ill think about it later. I have about a week to finish this and prepare the rest of the work for print! I didnt realize i ha so little time till now… Heres that panicky feeling again 😦

Ok have to work now, no gradate fair for me!