so i did another render, this time with an h.364 or whatever compression, and the file is not only 10GB, when the old one was 35GB!!! YEY! smalllll

still no projector.

still no wd media player




I keep getting things a bit wong, yesterday morning i woke up to find my render almost half done… and i had forgotten some of the layer, so i had to do it all over again! when i got back here this morning it was rady, the original 20 min done, so i have now doubled them up and reversed the end up, and re rendered! Its flying, its just 2 hours to do the whole thing! its brilliant, all my hard re rendering worked! im very excited!

and yester day we built my plinth! on saturday we went to b&q, i got a massive piece of MDF, for £14, and then on sunday we built it! Luckily Lukes brother has all the tools in the world, so its looks very good! BUT IT IS MASSIVE! Its very big for a plinth, but i hope it will look ok, i really like it.

ill update pictures after i have had some food!

Thursday Shmursday

I really need this project to finish now, i cant sleep anymore.

At 3¬†yesterday¬†I was still awake after¬†about¬†2 hours of¬†starring at the walls, I had so much crap in my head, so i got up to¬†write¬†it down,¬†¬†I felt my way to the desk and took about 5 min to find a pen, the i wrote down what was so important….
This morning i went to read it, and it turns out the pen i found was a really bright yellow gine liner, and i can make out a word i wrote down… but i think i remember, i was thinking about maybe setting up a mada2010 blog, and we could all have the password, and update stuff about the show! And also a flickr.

I have a tutorial today, and we are gonna try to allocate spaces for the show, both im pretty worried about! I have spent so much time on the video, and its not done yet at all, but i hope it will be around sunday, and also that there is nothing seriously wrong with it!!! We will see what andy thinks! I have rendered a sketch version of the video, it about half res and at double speed, its been really helpful rendering it, and watching it back, then i note down all the things i wanna change, sadly there is still alot i wanna change!

The space sorting outing will be tricky, everyone has such high expectations, and they all want to much space! We will figure it out tho!

Im also worried about how long it will take me to render the video! Im gonna put it to render when i leave today, and see how much it gets done in a few hours, then i can estimate how much time it will take!


We  had another degree show meeting today and its all starting to work out, very slowly. Ill update the final show page soon, just not today!!

basically the cd catalog has been put down, and that makes me very sad but it will be cheaper this way. Instead of it we will be using the magazine that Susan makes as our catalog, we will pay for the ink and paper and  it will work out great i think!

ANYWAY i have a simple plan for the next few days: WORK ON FILM, WRITE STATEMENT!

I have a tutorial on like thurday and then i will show andy the film so far, at the moment it does not look like much, i have rendered a low quality version, and speed it up from 20 min to 3 min:


At the moment im working on some new animations, of meat!

I have got some beef, and just doing some stop motions of it spinning around, and some short time lapses!

Sadly all my videos end up being like 5 GB each, so i cant upload them to the internett, and i dont really wanna scale them down, its not necessary at the moment, and you will see them in the end!

more timelapsing

trying to figure this stuff out, this one was done with my nikon d200, taking one photo every 1 min and 20 sec, and then animated in photoshop. I’m gonna start another one to figure out how much battery power i have on the camera, i might have to buy one of those batteries that lets you plug in the camera, and i probably need a bigger memory card, i only have a 2GB at the moment…

I downloaded a demo of the software istopmotion, and it looks pretty cool but i have yet to figure out how to connect it to my dslr, i think im missing some cables. i stopmotion is usually used with a video camera but the d200 has a “video out” thingy so i think it should work.

anyway here is the new vid, its pretty poor quality as the better quality vid is still rendering, this is just a .avi, but im actually pretty pleased with the result, i only took a few mict this time, maybe 175 or something, but i have emptied the memory card and fully recharged the battery so will see what the next one brings!

anyway, heres the vid:

Sunday in Norway

After the total stress of the last few weeks i have spend the day doing absolutely nothing, and its wonderful. My bags are still on the floor and just left the house to walk the dog and to get a long slow coffee with a friend. the only concern in my head is missing out on x factor when im here (IM SO SAD) but even that is sorted, cuz there is actually lots of sad ppl out there who put it up so i can download it. Over the last months is been one of those things that both me and my boyfriend takes time off work to sit down and watch, just as an excuse not to do anything at all. It’s nice.

Tomorrow I’m off to the gallery to start setting up, and i haven’t even looked at the work since i got here, but im sure flying went fine, its all wrapped up and dont seem to have any damage to it luckily! I’ll also be borrowing my dads camera this week to try and make some time lapses! My camera (nikon d40x) cant do it without me buying stupid things and stupid software, but my dads nikon d200 should do the job fine! I’m excited! And DSLR time lapses look really great. Will be shooting in raw, correcting in photoshop lightroom and making the films using the animation function in photoshop! I wonder if my dad has any lights standing around? Will ask tomorrow!

Here is a one i found of oslo at night that was made with a digital slr, im heading to oslo next monday for some sightseeing and friendseeing, should be good!

Oslo by Night – DSLR Timelapse Demoreel 1 from oyvinto on Vimeo.