Did some drawings thinking about summer, its mainly one drawing repeated but still…

Summer 1:1

Summer 1:3

Summer 1:2

Summer 1:4


Wasp Wax

WaxWasp 3

For christmas Luke gave me a wax carving kit for christmas and ive been working away at this wasp for the last few months, its coming along nicely but the worst bit is next: legs and feelers and wings!

Its 4 cm long and im gonna get is cast in something and then gilded, hopefully Luke will set the eyes with some black stone and we might enamel or set the stripes too, im excited!

WaxWasp 2

WaxWasp 7

I just adopted a Giant Panda!

I finally got around to adopting a panda with WWF, i love pandas so it was about time, and it was really easy to do too!


I’ll get an adoption pack with a cuddly panda (another one) and updates and stuff, i went for £5 a month! Its hardly anything but it will help!


To get more information about adopting your own Giant Panda, or another animal, inc Polar Bears, Leopards (and if your a nutter a Dolphin) have a look here:

Check me out, Ina, the animal friend:

I’m also going to adopt another animal as a pressent for someone!


I’ve been rubbish! Must be better.
Must blog more. But at the moment I have no time so I will give you a sneak preview of whats to come (in words only):

– Wax Wasp
– Plamingomania or Flamingorama
– My Olympic Dreams
– Some Lines

Stay tuned, I’m gonna try to make it worth the wait!