Tooth-Slug-Worm-Flower Circle

Tooth-Slug-Worm-Flower Circle, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

what it says on the box




Mmmmmm fineliners… They make me happy! I’ll show you what I’m actually working on soon.

Work in progress

Spent my first day off in ages (a week) doing all the fun things i haven’t had time to do, like cleaning, hovering, dishes and laundry! Oh and drawing… Spent most of the day finishing off this drawing. Hopefully ill get around to photoshopping it this weekend (tomorrow is all about free London). I think it might work tho, even if it is a bit different from my usual drawing style.


I just watched the bbc doc on the edinburgh pandas and couldn’t help but feel that not only did the pandas look quite sad, but also that the bbc are ignoring major parts of the story, like the political backgrounds and the epic costs etc. Also the guy who organized it totally looks like a vampire – a vampire that was totally unimpressed by the pandas sending off ceremony.

I did enjoy all the funny costumes they had wear at the conservation centers.
I am slightly obsessed with Pandas but I think they ought to keep them in China.

Perhaps if I offer them salmon without questioning their human rights issues they will give me a panda? they’re only 75K a year to feed, and I do have a balcony with a view (of Lower Clapton but no one needs to know that…)

This is an old drawing that suits this blog perfectly.

Pandamic, originally uploaded by inadorthea.