So this is like a quick stupid little artist statement bio thing


University of the Arts London – Camberwell College of Art, MA Visual Arts Digital Arts 2010

University for the Creative Arts – Farnham, BA (hons) Fine Art 2008

(Thor Heyerdal Videregående Skole- Gloppe, Sandefjord Videregående Skole 2005)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Exit Vestfold, Haugar Kunst Muesum (Haugar Art Muesum), Tønsberg, 21.11.2009-31.01.2010

Cream of the Crop, Gallery One, Greyshot, UK, 2008

Outline, Free Range Graduate Art and Design 2008

Summer Shows, The Old Truman Brewery, London , UK 2008

Barcode, Fine Art Degree Show, University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK 2008

NorskArt08, The Menier Gallery, London, UK 2008

Kidd Rapinet Solicitors, Farnham, UK 2008

Opened Parameters, James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, UK 2007

About Me

I (1986) am a Norwegian Artist living, working and studying in London. My main area of focus is the relationships between the beautiful and the disgusting, I works with a wide range of mediums, like digital collaging, photography and drawing. At the moment I am studying Digital arts at Camberwell College of Arts, the aim of the course is to further develop my work by exploring new technologies

The Kaleidoscope series attempts to create beauty  and disgust in the same image, I hope that the viewer first sees the beauty in the work and at closer look realizes that what they at first thought was just a nice pattern is actually made out of e.g. raw meats and bugs. i use simple tricks like repetition and symmetry, traditionally beautiful things like flowers, and  intricate decorative drawing to create the beauty of the image. I started working on the series in my BA using various techniques, mainly photography and digital collaging but a few are created by hand using found images and pritt stick.

Things I’m interested in

– What makes something beautiful to some people and not others
– What makes something disgusting to some people and not to others
– How big a part does psychology play in this, and how much has to do with inbuilt instincts
– What makes something beautiful, what tricks can you use to create this; symmetry, repetition, golden geometry
– Contradictions within single objects like a toy soldier or a taxidermy butterfly
-Things that are not what they firs seem; things that are really small but very heavy
things that are very big but very light
traditionally cheap things made out of expensive materials like a lego brick made out of gold
– Kaleidoscopes and how they can make anything beautiful
– Pictures of bacteria and cells, extreme close ups of things
– Things that takes a while to understand how they were made

Things I wanted to create:

– Something beautiful
– Something slightly obsessive
– Something that first appear to be just beautiful, but once you look closer you see that it is not what you thought it was
– Something fun
– Something playful
– Something I would hang on my own wall (luckily i’m a bit strange so i dont mind having meat, bugs and slugs all over my living room (walls))

So what do I wanna make now? I made some notes here aswell;


– Beautiful
– Disgusting
– Big
– Interactive
– Moving


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