New plans

Writing this blog is no longer a requirement, now that i have finished my blog, but i will try to keep going with it, post new work etc…

im not quite ready to start looking for work yet, i need to update my cv and my website and stuff like that, and i need a break! But i dont want to get lazy, i already spent all of yesterday watching movies on my projector (while cleaning my room) so today i want to do something more important.

Im gonna make a birthday card for Lukes brothers girlfriend, but more importantly im going to start learning Dream Weaver, i have tried before but never really got in to it, but now i have lots of time, and i want to update my website without having to pay someone!


All over now

The show was up, the privat view was great, not super busy but good, we were the ones with the best show i think, and some of the only ones with free wine, and we had nicer glasses then everyone else!

the show is down now, and all packed up

we got our marks today and i am ecstatic, i got a distinction!



45 weeks have past

315 days

7560 hours since my first day

6278 visits to

156 blog posts

157 blog posts if you include this one

244 blog tags

3962 visits to the blog

£13798 or more spent, including 1 HD projector, 1 27 inch iMac and 1 Media Player

27 students exhibiting

11 projectors in one room

12500 postcards printed

Nearly £2000 collected for exhibition

7 days left till the privat view

1 boyfriend

2 trips to Norway

2 exhibitions outside uni

57602 frames in the final film

40 minutes and 2 second final film

and an unprecedented amount of emails received and sent

Up and Running

Here is a link to my Unit Two Assessment! Finished last night!

Yesterday I also printed out some risk assessment to bring to uni, as some might have forgotten to write them, and i finished the new floor plans for the show, i just need Andy to make copies! (ill upload them here later!)

Im off to uni now  to start the last leg of the work: basically turning the work on, and get the WD HD TV Media Player pat tested, and make sure everything is good, and also get some other stuff pat tested, Susan’s extension cable, Hassens projector, Mays stuff, and some other bits and pieces!

One last to-do list (maybe!)

we are nearly there and i thought i would publish one last to do list:


– scrub and mop floor
– paint the board the blocks the window


– create invigilation folders with: statements, prices, on/off instructions, phone numbers and invigilation timetable
– create exhibition floor plan with names
– pick up catalogs from post office and from trains station
– get the wine


– curate blog
– update bibliography
– stop faffing around!!!!!