All rejoice, there is art in me yet!

Thats right! Ive been making some new stuff, or I am working on some new stuff.

Never really like showing unfinished work off, but it might help.

First I wanted to work on some darker prints, so i tried using a black background. I really LOVE the pattern the slugs make in this one, BUTis a bit bare…

The i tried adding MORE stuff to it… That DID NOT WORK, there is just too much stuff:

So THEN i printed out the basic pattern on white and now im adding to it by hand the good old fashioned way, so far ive done 3 and a half, but ill only share the two first ones:

This one im not too keen on so far, but i might change my mind

This one I might try to do a black background on… so far its my favorite:

Im making all this stuff for the METRIC Collective shop we are doing this summer on Columbia Road, im gonna show and also sell some of my prints there!

Wood mirror


Detail on a lovely antique cupboard type thing from a shop in norway, made with walnut wood.

Detail of something I did at work, sometimes my life imitates my art…


Sorry to all veggies, including my bf, for this lovely picture of a decapitated spring lamb.

Symmetrical Rome

Here are some photos from Luke and I’s trip to Rome last fall, I loved all the symmetrical stone walls and floors there, these pictures are from the Pantheon, the Forum and The Vatican, and a few other churches. We did Catholic orientering when we were there and visited more churches then anyone needs, but now we dont have to go back there for several years, so thats pretty good!

I did like Rome alot, but i found it pretty sad as well… to see all the destruction of all the amazing roman stuff, and learning about how the church there just stole all the sculptures and marble etc etc…

AAAAAANNNYWAY, here they are: