water colours and busses

Blog be rather dead lately. Im sorry. There were two busses involved … pictures to come.

I have been doodling with something tho… water colours. I stopped painting during my first year of my fine art degree, thats what art school does to you, but i got bored of not painting. I figured water colours would be the best/worst/kitschy/retro/safest way to return to it. Water colours are for old people and landscape painters (who are old) so therefore it is safe – it doesn’t mean anything, its not serious, and i am not a painter because of it (i dont want to be a painter, never did).

Its tricky business tho – I learned it at school, every stroke has to be thought about, there is very little room for error, you cant just wait til it drys and paint over is.

ANYWAYS…  I painted something, scanned it, live paint, embed, delete, delete, delete, group, duplicate, reflect, duplicate, reflect, duplicate, reflect, multiply…
Luke likes it, what more can i ask for?


Day 2


As we all know tuesdays are LEARN DAYS, so today i learned… pretty much nothing… BUT its actually more about practising and generally fooling around in illustrator! So thats what i’ve been doing!

Ive pretty much finished my red lilies vectorisation, but cant decide if i prefer it with or without the background. I might tamper some more with it later, but for the time being im done with it and starting something new!

Red Lilies 1

Red Lilies 2

Now I’m going to deviate from the plan and return to yesterdays job hunting, applying to a front of house position at the Jerwood… Its not a creative position but I think I would be happier working somewhere I can actually be inspired!

Red Lilies Vectorified

Ive been trying to get my illustrator knowledge up to scratch, I knew some basic stuff but not a lot, but with some help from Luke im remaking the red lilies drawing in Ai!

Its hard going and im not always having that much fun but it is coming along! Have a look:

Ill update some more if i get any further!

im not so keen on the grading here, so gonna get rid of it again, but still its good to learn and stuff like that.