The rest of the week

So my new work hard project has had its ups and downs so far, i had some really productive days but then sleep caught up with me and i got distracted. Did some inDesign things for Shimell and Madden, thats now been put on hold due to the abrupt end of my inDesign tiral… sucks to be poor.

Anyway i’m sure ll get back to it soon! This is what i had done so far.. ^^

on Make day I made a cake, instead of Art and on Display day i displayed excellent abilities to sleep threw my alarm.
Saturday was Work day and thats what I did, I spent it at work!

Sunday was the best day of the week, spent at home relaxing, out having pizza and going to the cinema and back home for Camelot! Cant complain about Sundays!

Today is Hunt day, but mainly ive been waiting for an Asda delivery, and packing away our Asda delivery, calling Asda about missing things in my delivery…. Maybe tomorrow…


Operation Time Table day 1

Today was HUNT DAY! I applied for 1 job today, at the national portrait gallery. I would have managed at least 3 today had it not been for all the forms involved with applying to these kinds of places. You cant just send your CV and a letter, you have to rewrite your letter within an application form, a bit of a pain but its a nice little part time job! Wish me luck! Now Im off to work, those cakes aren’t gonna slice themselves!

See it’s Monday!


One year ago i had my last tutorial at Camberwell… We allocated the spaces for the final show, my video was far from done and i was probably really stressed out! Today im not stressed out… but i am being proactive for a change. YEY!

The last few weeks have been soo hectic, but they have been all about LUKE! Ill tell you all about it in another post!

So anyway, today the focus is back on INA, and in order to get my act back together i have created something special. Its called a TIME TABLE!

I created it in InDesign (Im learning!) And even did a few quick illustrations for it in Illustrator (Woop!). Basically its a way for me to structure my week better, giving me a chance to do a little bit of everything, rather then one nothing at all..
The idea is that each day i focus on one area, i can spend as much or as little time with it as I want, but just spending a little time would be worth it in the long run.

My main objective is to increase my chances of getting a job that does not make me suicidal, and to create new art so that I can get some new work exhibited! Im worrying lately that ill focus too much on one side (say job hunting) that ill completely ignore my art, and i dont want to do that. So ill be spending one day a week only making new work, another learning new skills etc. It seems kinda hardcore but i work best when there are strick deadlines to work with, anyway ill be at work pretty much all the time anyway, so there wont be that much time spare.

Im gonna try to update my blog with my (hopefully) progress.

So here is my multi coloured bright and shiny brand spanking new time table:

isn’t that nice!

The days all have a different focus, the pic is pretty small but you can just see it if you have a lovely big computer like mine!

The days are as follows:

HUNT (job hunting)
LEARN (at the moment focusing on illustrator)
TRY (applying for exhibitions, competitions and residences- its all about art)
MAKE (new artwork, drawings etc)
DISPLAY (updateing websites, blog etc, work on portfolio and CV and indesign)
WORK (saturday is all about housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever i ran out of time to do)
ENJOY (sundays are for relaxing with Luke, tv, movies and whatever)

One last to-do list (maybe!)

we are nearly there and i thought i would publish one last to do list:


– scrub and mop floor
– paint the board the blocks the window


– create invigilation folders with: statements, prices, on/off instructions, phone numbers and invigilation timetable
– create exhibition floor plan with names
– pick up catalogs from post office and from trains station
– get the wine


– curate blog
– update bibliography
– stop faffing around!!!!!

Render break!

I have a render break every few hours now, i should use that time to write my essay but im not! Im blogging and looking up prices and generally being proactive about everything else!

But its ok!

I have a plan! (and a routine!)

Every night i do a low quality render of my film, some i put here, some i dont bother with. Then i watch the video about 3 times with a note book, and write down all that i wanna change, then i do the changes and render again, that way it will be perfect!

I m almost done now, im doing a few more stop motion animations, of some gem stones luke leant me, and butterflies, and some plastic bugs, they will be done today and then ill change it some more tomorrow, befor hopefully on wednesday i start the full quality render.

Also on wednesday my money should be here, and i will buy my precious projector! Luke called the apple help ppl and they said once i connect my old laptop to the projector new resolutions should come up and it might be able to play HD!!! that way i wont have to borrow uni computer, tho i would feel better with a mini mac!! I will wait and see, and also there is a danger that my laptop will not pass the test that they do on the equipment! Time will tell!

I have decided to build a plint for my projector, it will hide the projector so that no one wants to steal it, and it will also hide the computer! Ill paint it neatly white and make it from MDF with the help of Luke, and it will have shelves inside for the projector and the computer, and a door at the back. And on top i can put the postcards! Im getting very excited!

OH AND WE HAVE A TWITTER soon i will make an email account that we can send the invites from!

Later today i will add some video and some photos!

emails and headhurts

oh my god my head hurts, from too many emails!

this organizing stuff is fun but its alo a pain!

And i barely have time to do any of my own work, but i will… soon… i hope!

im gonna update the final show website now, have a look! (at the mottom of the page!)