5th Birthday moster card


5th birthday card monster for Joseph!


Facebook & I

I made a facebook page for my art several years a go with ‘pages’ were first introduced… it got some likes, but as i was still at uni it make me feel like a dick, so i got rid of it.

Now i have recreated it: it still makes me feel like a dick – but its ‘necessary in maintaining an online presence’ of me and my shit. So please ‘Like‘ it. And ‘Share‘ it. And show it down your friends faces. Because I need you too… So I dont have to. At least by looking on my blog you have expressed some sort of intrest in my work, so i dont feel too bad about pushing it here.

So please “LIKE‘ me. First 30 gets a free virtual high five or something…

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 12.59.58

Poor mans love of God

A couple of years ago I got bored and made a blingtato. This was right about the time when Damian Hirst made “For the Love of God” and kids were sticking swarovski crystals on theis phones . Instead of a scull all i could afford was a potato. From Tesco. And some CZs that Luke had lying around… no Diamonds are wasted on potatoes in our house.


The blingtato has been lying around our flat for several years now, and this is what it looks like now. Hard as rock but still shiny!


I saw Hirst’s scull at the Tate last year, it was very shiny. I prefer my own version.

“Poor Man’s Love of Good” or “The Blingtato”