tired legs tired brain!

We have been prepping the space for the last few days, and its getting better, ill add the photos soon, im just to tired now!

alot of ppl are helping out, but some are only doing their own space, i guess thats how it goes… mine is pretty easy, im just waiting for the media player, i have to make some holes in the plinth for the air, and maybe il do a proper vent, will see tomorrow. i have had to lowered the fron of the shelf so that the projector points a little down. Its pretty big tho, on the wall, i have to chose between two places to put the projector, one place its really big and the other pretty small. I want BIG, but ill let the other decide!

im doing a few more renders of the film, to try out some other compressions etc, to make sure it will play on the media player. ill bring them in tomorrow and ask if bill will let me use his player for a little. If the player is not here on monday i will go and buy another one, then send the one from play back if it ever gets here. the pat testing guy is coming in on tuesday so i can get it tested then.

i still need to do the curating, but im so tired i just wanna sleep!!!!!!!!!


i heart W1000

My projector is here!!

And i love it, even tho its very big, its has a horrible fake white leather finish on the top and in general not a pretty box, i have yet to try it as i am still missing my media player and i dont have the right adaptor to use it with my computer, but other then that… its awesome!

Im worried that the media player is not here on time, but if worse comes to worse i have to buy another one, from pc world (where it turns out it is cheaper anyway) and then retur the one from play.com if it ever turns up, but i will wait a few more days before i do that… also i dont have any money to do that…

Oh and make sure to check out the degreeshow page, it has the planning of the show from start to finish, and i just updated again!


On friday I got a thing in the post saying i had a packet and i needed to go to the collection office to pick it up, so i thought, yes finally, my media player, but no, i went this morning and it was not a media player, it was the posters for the show. Yey for posters, booo for media player 😦

soon ill panic!


so i did another render, this time with an h.364 or whatever compression, and the file is not only 10GB, when the old one was 35GB!!! YEY! smalllll

still no projector.

still no wd media player



Muuuuuuu, my Western Digital Media player has not arrived yet!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? Bill ordered the same day as me, and he has gotten his, maybe its coming today! it better doooo! And so does my projector!

we are taking my plinth to uni on monday, and i want to have it ready by then! I need the projector to make the hole in the plinth, but if its not here today we have to guestimate the hole!

Anyway, i got an email form Bill about the media player, and he mentioned that it does not have a loop button, so i did some research and found out that the looping only works if its the only thing on the hard drive, so basically it will loop everything on the harddrive. So that means i have to empty out a hard drive, luckily i have a few spare!!

Anyway in the same forum i found out that the media player appears to play H.264 best, as they are smaller files, so with some difficulty and help of this tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEzTYh3f8Ww i am exporting another version of my film. And i might do another one at a different frame rate later too, just so i can find out what looks best!


I never really looked in to MC Escher very much, i saw th drawings and liked them and whatever, but i never got that in to it.

Luke loves him, and has a big book, i looked in it yesterday and i found some realy awesome stuff, i never looked at his pattern work, and its so awesome. I found this one and found it suiting:

would look so cool on a tshirt or a dress!