Stolen bikes, sea life and Untitled 31

Untitled 31, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

Ive been a bit quiet this past few days, i have had other stuff on my mind…
SOMEONE STOLE MY BIKE! It was the first time i have ever locked it up, and i was so worried i constantly checked on it… one minute it was there, the next it was gone. Im gutted! I loved that bike, it was only a year old ūüė¶

anyways, now i can start getting executed about getting a new one ! Yey new bike!

I did spend some time on other stuff too… I have redone my CV 4 times this weekend, and nearly finished my portfolio, so i can send it out to the world! Its not my art portfolio, more a everything i can do portfolio… its a little bit exciting.

AND i have been thinking about my next set of work… i want to leave the garden (flowers, worms, bugs, butterflies etc and move to the sea! I did this one print a few years back, with eels and jelly fish and other sea stuff, and i think i want to do more of that!

Via Flickr:
A1 Digital Print, digital collage and hand drawing, created in photoshop



UntitledOutline6, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

This is another print im thinking of doing for this summers METRIC shop, again in A2, with a limited edition of 100.

This one you need to get real close up with to see the little details, and when you see it from afar it kinda looks like some kissy lips!



UntitledOutline7, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

Part of my new series of work that i will be exhibiting/ selling the this summers METRIC shop.

im currently thinking they will be printed A2…. limited edition for 100. BUT IM NOT SURE YET!

more of this series to come soon (they may already be on Flickr)


apps and birds and stuff

Im a bit slow on the blogging at the moment, but things are still happening. Follow my brand new and not so sparkling instagram account: inadortheathuresson (original username innit)

did these birds at work…


All rejoice, there is art in me yet!

Thats right! Ive been making some new stuff, or I am working on some new stuff.

Never really like showing unfinished work off, but it might help.

First I wanted to work on some¬†darker¬†prints, so i tried using a¬†black¬†background. I really LOVE the pattern the slugs make in this one, BUTis a bit bare…

The i tried adding MORE stuff to it… That DID NOT WORK, there is just too much stuff:

So THEN i printed out the basic pattern on white and now im adding to it by hand the good old fashioned way, so far ive done 3 and a half, but ill only share the two first ones:

This one im not too keen on so far, but i might change my mind

This one I might try to do a black background on… so far its my favorite:

Im making all this stuff for the METRIC Collective shop we are doing this summer on Columbia Road, im gonna show and also sell some of my prints there!