Feeling the Blehhhh (again)

I’m back in London again! Hurrah! It’s good to be back and I’m enjoying the heat bobble but i’m feeling the pressure! Everyday I’m getting closer to the point when I HAVE to get a job, and the most dreaded word is haunting me: RETAIL. Soul destroying retail. Full time work that leaves me cold and empty and too exhausted to do any thing in my spare time. No more drawing or other kinds of arting. Just work+eat+sleep.

But I still have time, there is still time, I really need there to still be time! I just need to draw, and create and learn stuff… like indesign and quark and html and illustrator (some more) and all that other crap that appears to be common knowledge and necessity in the creative working world. I wish I could just draw all day. That would be good.


Feeling the Wednesday morning blues

I’m feeling rather depressed about the whole job thing, as much as I dream about being an artist and would love to do so, it’s just not a viable option at the moment. Living in London I need to have a job that is more financially stable, I need to be able to pay my bills and eat on a regular basis. And it’s pretty depressing, not the thought of having to get a job, but the thought that maybe no one will hire me! I think I’m a pretty good assets to have, I’m all creative and proactive and hard working and all that stuff, I got a bloody 97% MA!

I’ve been thinking about my different options, what kinds of things would I be happy doing for a long time…. And it’s pretty simple: Anything creative and most things digital. I would love to just do this, do on-line marketing type stuff, write blogs, update facebook and twitter. Or I would love to draw. My problem is simple: I don’t have enough work experience, and I cant go off and do an internship, I need to pay rent!! Instead of working I spent my time studying, working really hard  so that I could get a good education, a good MA, and now I’m being punished for it! My other issue is that instead of knowing a little about a lot of packages I know a lot about a few. I’ll keep trying off course, learn new skills, add package to my CV, work another 14 months in a boring shop job…  AND there it is, the reason for my Wednesday morning blues: shop job. I’ll get over it.

In other news: It’s another beautiful day in Norway (where I am currently holidaying in my mothers house) and today it’s looking good, it’s not raining and the sun is out, I’m going to meet up with more friends today, there might be some sushi involved and maybe even some Norwegian cinema! Something about a ninja troop…



YEY, yesterday i finished my CV, I really HATE writing those kinds of things, but it has to be done, and it looks pretty good now, I might have stolen Lukes CV setup… but its not like we are going to be applying for the same jobs or anything…

ANYWAY, I applied to a job today, hurrah for me, its at the roundhouse and is a kind of online marketing kinda thing, basically updating social networking sites etc, and Im already pretty good at that! I filled in the form and added my new wonderful CV! My main worry is that i wont be considered because of my holidays thats coming up, im going home tomorrow for a week, then im off to spain and then rome at end of september, but hopefully i will at least get an interview, I mean.. I would hire me, or at least give me a chase! Im a god damn excellent resource!

Im also applying for an exhibition thingy, called the Mare Street Biennale, BUT they need to see my artist statement, and its not the best piece of work… they also need a lot of other paper work, but ill try to get it done today! But first Ill have to PACK MY BAGS! Dont want to go to norway without anything in my bag!

Baking and job hunting and that sorts

As some of you might have noticed already I bake when im bored, problem of lately however has been my lack of want to eat the damn things!
Ive been making lots of cupcakes lately, from the humming bird bakery:

vanilla cupcakes
chocolate hazelnut with a nutella center
and chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes:

i also made a victoria sponge cake yesterday with lots of chocolate butter icing:

But anyway, i dont really eat them very much (probably good) so i wanted to make something a bit healthier, but the problem is i have far far to much self raising flour, and its not really very good with anything but cakes..

but im getting distracted, im actually suppose to be job hunting etc, and i have a few things i wanna apply for, im looking for like residencies and stuff like that but they are so tricky to get, then im looking for internships, but they are tricky to coem by and i cant really afford not to earn any money. Im also looking at real jobs, like in advertising and online marketing type stuff, i think i could be good with that, like keeping blogs, twitters and so on updated, i do that all the time anyway, but again i dont really have any work experience, so soon i guess ill go for the shop work again 😦 i really really dont want to tho. stupid world. I have a BA and an MA in How not to get a decent job and work in a shop…