I just watched the bbc doc on the edinburgh pandas and couldn’t help but feel that not only did the pandas look quite sad, but also that the bbc are ignoring major parts of the story, like the political backgrounds and the epic costs etc. Also the guy who organized it totally looks like a vampire – a vampire that was totally unimpressed by the pandas sending off ceremony.

I did enjoy all the funny costumes they had wear at the conservation centers.
I am slightly obsessed with Pandas but I think they ought to keep them in China.

Perhaps if I offer them salmon without questioning their human rights issues they will give me a panda? they’re only 75K a year to feed, and I do have a balcony with a view (of Lower Clapton but no one needs to know that…)

This is an old drawing that suits this blog perfectly.

Pandamic, originally uploaded by inadorthea.


Panda panda panda

Today i made a quick image just to try out some different effects and software that might come in handy for my project.

I started by making a fast image that way i usually do, this one is a bit less complicated then they usually are and features a baby panda and a big worm, as well as some meat and some rubies:

I left all the layers open in stead of flattening them like i normally do, after it was done i went threw all the layers and took screen shots of the image being built up. I then loaded all the images in as layers in one photoshop file and used the animation function to make a little film, its a bit bumpy at first but then it gets more stable about 1/3 in:

Then I i used the mirror effect in iMovie, witch is pretty limited so i ended up with this:

After some tweaking I got my final cut pro working and actually managed to use it for the first time ever with a bit of help from you tube. In final cut i made the picture smaller, made 4 copies or layers of it, then mirrored the layers to make the kaleidoscope effect and this is the outcome:

its not brilliant but i thought it was pretty good for a first timer!


Speaking of the new year i thought id share this fun little site, i think it might have been mentioned in the metro today, but as usual “the ridiculant” section is way behind on its sites.

Anyways, i decided to try out this thing a friend of mine does, witch is to make one drawing everyday and the post it on a blog, knowing me that probably wont happen but i’ll give it a try, and to make up for the last 4 days i made two today! I say drawing but i mean doodles, way different. I’ll pop in a better pic once i can be bothered to dig out my scanner so for now the photos will have to do:

and this it the rather silly front page of my new sketchbook: