The why? of the quiet.

Boy, oh boy, it sure has been quiet here for a while. For multiple reasons:

1: I went on holiday

2: Work got crazy (im talking 15h days 15 days straight crazy)

3: Work got normal, i needed a break.

4: I started working on something i still can’t share.

5: I started working on something im about to share (see below)

6: Some people had babies they need cards and stuff.

7: I cut my finger. See below below for graphic image (warning: graphic image)


New work for Metric summer pop up on Columbia Rd opening tomorrow! (more to follow)

I cut my finger at work and had to have 6 stitches and the nail taken off (its back on now, temporarily)


I’m thinking it should be in a new print.


Nail now black and red. Named it.Frankenfinger.


Here is another picture from the shop to help you get over the trauma of my finger.



I just watched the bbc doc on the edinburgh pandas and couldn’t help but feel that not only did the pandas look quite sad, but also that the bbc are ignoring major parts of the story, like the political backgrounds and the epic costs etc. Also the guy who organized it totally looks like a vampire – a vampire that was totally unimpressed by the pandas sending off ceremony.

I did enjoy all the funny costumes they had wear at the conservation centers.
I am slightly obsessed with Pandas but I think they ought to keep them in China.

Perhaps if I offer them salmon without questioning their human rights issues they will give me a panda? they’re only 75K a year to feed, and I do have a balcony with a view (of Lower Clapton but no one needs to know that…)

This is an old drawing that suits this blog perfectly.

Pandamic, originally uploaded by inadorthea.


One year ago i had my last tutorial at Camberwell… We allocated the spaces for the final show, my video was far from done and i was probably really stressed out! Today im not stressed out… but i am being proactive for a change. YEY!

The last few weeks have been soo hectic, but they have been all about LUKE! Ill tell you all about it in another post!

So anyway, today the focus is back on INA, and in order to get my act back together i have created something special. Its called a TIME TABLE!

I created it in InDesign (Im learning!) And even did a few quick illustrations for it in Illustrator (Woop!). Basically its a way for me to structure my week better, giving me a chance to do a little bit of everything, rather then one nothing at all..
The idea is that each day i focus on one area, i can spend as much or as little time with it as I want, but just spending a little time would be worth it in the long run.

My main objective is to increase my chances of getting a job that does not make me suicidal, and to create new art so that I can get some new work exhibited! Im worrying lately that ill focus too much on one side (say job hunting) that ill completely ignore my art, and i dont want to do that. So ill be spending one day a week only making new work, another learning new skills etc. It seems kinda hardcore but i work best when there are strick deadlines to work with, anyway ill be at work pretty much all the time anyway, so there wont be that much time spare.

Im gonna try to update my blog with my (hopefully) progress.

So here is my multi coloured bright and shiny brand spanking new time table:

isn’t that nice!

The days all have a different focus, the pic is pretty small but you can just see it if you have a lovely big computer like mine!

The days are as follows:

HUNT (job hunting)
LEARN (at the moment focusing on illustrator)
TRY (applying for exhibitions, competitions and residences- its all about art)
MAKE (new artwork, drawings etc)
DISPLAY (updateing websites, blog etc, work on portfolio and CV and indesign)
WORK (saturday is all about housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever i ran out of time to do)
ENJOY (sundays are for relaxing with Luke, tv, movies and whatever)

What joy

The other day I got an email from our MA group, it was very nice but asked about what we have been up to since finishing uni, some ppl have responded but i chose not to, the ppl who are interested might read it here. I dont feel like telling them. They are all oh an exhibition here and an exhibition there… yey for you, no really, its good, i just dont feel like going “oh yeah, since graduating i have sat around for a while, did some drawing, got a job down the street from my old job doing pretty much what i was doing in my old job”…

Im not very proactive when its not required of me to be so. I did apply for some stuff ages a go, but now i just need to work… make some money so i can actually afford to stay in London.

Im a bit of a disappointment really….


HURRAH! I’m back in wet rainy windy cold London after my two week holliday in Spain and Italy, some pictures and other stuff about that will follow later, particularly a bunch of pictures from various churches inc the pantheon where they have used some hard core mirroring using marble.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first proper day at Whole Foods Market, and I’m my usual nervous wreck, mainy because I’m not sure what door I need to go threw, and where to get my shoes… I’m fine wih pretty much everything else (except the hat, i have to wear an oversized baseball cap… such joy.) I’m wondering if anyone from wfm will read this, and if I wasn’t very nice about them would they fire me? I have yet to develop any feeling about them, and hopefully they wont be bad… although i did read a bit of negative publicity online…

I’m still not overly excited about the job thing, i mean im happy to be going to work and earning money (a whole 75 p more then in my old job up the road from wfm… ) but its still depressing. The new year of MA students have started now, and they might be reading this… (hello). I did brilliantly on my ma but here i am, 5 minutes walk from where i started. Maybe ill have to do a phd?

Ive been thinking about that lately actually, and I do want to do one eventually, just for the heck of it… but not yet (clearly, ill be to busy selling bread to the posh and well off on high st ken) but i wanna keep doing research related to my work, and learn more about disgust and beauty and symmetry.

bleh, im going to sleep now, got to get my strength up for tomorrow. Good to be back tho! yey.