Octopus in SPACE

If you put an octopus in space, they just look like aliens. Im ok with that.

I love those horrible posters you r can get with dolphins leaping threw space with a giant crescent moon behind them and unicorns up their asses. I might make one like that… maybe with worms? or slugs? hmm


The-Brightest-of-Stars copy


Thank you internet for the stars and Photoshop for the oh so classy Lens Flare! You can never have enough Lens Flares in space. Ask Star Trek!


water colours and busses

Blog be rather dead lately. Im sorry. There were two busses involved … pictures to come.

I have been doodling with something tho… water colours. I stopped painting during my first year of my fine art degree, thats what art school does to you, but i got bored of not painting. I figured water colours would be the best/worst/kitschy/retro/safest way to return to it. Water colours are for old people and landscape painters (who are old) so therefore it is safe – it doesn’t mean anything, its not serious, and i am not a painter because of it (i dont want to be a painter, never did).

Its tricky business tho – I learned it at school, every stroke has to be thought about, there is very little room for error, you cant just wait til it drys and paint over is.

ANYWAYS…  I painted something, scanned it, live paint, embed, delete, delete, delete, group, duplicate, reflect, duplicate, reflect, duplicate, reflect, multiply…
Luke likes it, what more can i ask for?


Serious about Facebook

Good news everyone! You can now find me (my art at least) on FACEBOOK! YEY!

I first created a Facebook ‘page’ when they first introduced the “pages” option back in my uni days, but took it down shortly after as i thought it would make me seme like a total douche. But now i have created a new one. I want to share my work people, and Facebook will let me do that. So it really is ‘YEY!’

At uni it seemed pretentious to create an artist page, i mean who did i think i was? Damian Hirt? Some people thought i had done it as a joke. But not thins time. Im serious about my work – so im serious about Facebook.

In other news: Im thinking about water-colours. Seriously.

Now like me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InaDortheaThuresson



Loved this sign we saw when driving threw east London last Saturday


Been super busty at work lately,with very little energy spear (other then for my makeshift exercise/yoga/running/swiss ball routine thats not really anything…. Must work harder (at home, less at work)

Been thinking about an all hand drawn big big drawing like the ring I did only not mirrored by the computer…. But I’m not sure yet.

Ive also been thinking about squid.

Shooting and drawing and socialising


It’s hard trying to sleep when ppl are shooting (or possibly neutralising) 20 cm away from your face… so I have no choice but to blog. I’ve been quiet for a good reason; too much work, too much socialising and too much lifeing.

Working on two new things… A black series, prints that are like some if the first stuff I did only on black, and just a little darker all around then the older stuff.
And I’m working on a series of prints that are just drawings.
The second is going better then the first, but ive started one black piece, will share soon.


YEY, yesterday i finished my CV, I really HATE writing those kinds of things, but it has to be done, and it looks pretty good now, I might have stolen Lukes CV setup… but its not like we are going to be applying for the same jobs or anything…

ANYWAY, I applied to a job today, hurrah for me, its at the roundhouse and is a kind of online marketing kinda thing, basically updating social networking sites etc, and Im already pretty good at that! I filled in the form and added my new wonderful CV! My main worry is that i wont be considered because of my holidays thats coming up, im going home tomorrow for a week, then im off to spain and then rome at end of september, but hopefully i will at least get an interview, I mean.. I would hire me, or at least give me a chase! Im a god damn excellent resource!

Im also applying for an exhibition thingy, called the Mare Street Biennale, BUT they need to see my artist statement, and its not the best piece of work… they also need a lot of other paper work, but ill try to get it done today! But first Ill have to PACK MY BAGS! Dont want to go to norway without anything in my bag!