i got in to a little group exhibition at the red gate gallery in brixton, http://www.redgategallerylondon.co.uk/

they exhibition is called how beautiful uglyness is so that fits right in to my box, im kinda excited even thought its a pretty little thing. and ill have to find some money and also have to get it printed too, as i dont have one in the size ready.

im gonna show this on i think



more animationes

So these are little drawings that will be put in the final peice in the background, they are all on green so that i can key them out easily

Powercut :(

i started a new time lapse this morning but then there was a power cut on my street! 30 + houses wer out of power and all the shops underneath them! Its a bitch. we sat around the table playing with rubix cubes and trying to figure out what people did before there was the internet!

I also realized that doing digital arts is difficult without any power!

Its back on now but im at uni so i got my housemate to start up the camera again and hopefully the power will stay on!

Strawberries and flowers

Woho i edited together the rotting/drying strawberries and it came out pretty good, here is the video before i have stabilised the shot. I have been playing around with it in after effect but am having a bit of problem keying out the colour. Will work on it more today!

so the flowers have been photoing for a day now, and the one with no water is already dead, the other two are still fine, i guess bleach dont do much to flowers? at least not in a day…

ill put a picture up of it soon!


So i finished my 3 strawberries, they looked pretty sad after almost a week, mostly dried up though, not so mouldy.

I have started a new one, with 3 pretty flowers, one is standing in water and will hopefully open up a little before it dies again, another is in no water at all and the third is in bleach.

Monday 26th-

I have had a nice relaxing weekend and have purposely avoided reading any emails since friday night, so this morning there were about 15 emails waiting for me, a bit of an overload really.

This week is going to be busy, so i have made a list so that i dont  forget anything

– Apply  to a show at the red gate gallery

– Apply to a job

– Set up a new time lapse (3 flowers growing old)

– Put together strawberry time-lapse from last week

– Scan all new drawings and animate them in after effects

– Sort out the symposium stuff

– Blog blog blog

– Look in to the final show lists and email people about the result.

busy busy buys