sneak peek

A little close up of the first new print of the new portal series. Currently on display in the Metric Pop Up on Columbia Road (ill be going on about that for a few weeks)


Whole thing to follow. Sooooooooon….




So my house mate Bonnie and I decided that it had been far far to long since we did any thing remotely cultural (unless drinking wine counts… we do that alot), so we decided to go gallerying on friday, but it didnt work out so great…

We took the buss to Sloan square to go to the saatchi gallery, which according to google maps and orange maps is on 94 sloan street or something, we spent about an hour trying to find it, walking up and down the street. We have both been there before, but we just could not find it, and on the way trying to find it we saw at least 6 other people being equally as lost… after a while we just gave up and walked to the park to have lunch. It later turns out that the gallery in not anywhere near where google and orange say it is.

Any way we had lunch in the park and went to the serpentine gallery where there was a Richard Hamilton exhibition on… SOOO BORING! I think it took us like 5 min to see the whole thing and it was not very interesting at all. So i took Bonnie to see Decode instead, as i knew that was good! Sadly even more of the stuff on show was out of order but we still enjoyed it. After tat we went back up to the park via Brampton Rd MC Donald’s (dont tell anyone) and then had more food in the park, followed by a walk up to marble arch, primark and new look, then all saints and about an hour spent in south molton street starbucks waiting for luke. Then a short walk to regent street for the bus home, so basically we spent almost 8 hours walking around London, pretty good exercise but not very cultured after all…

I did some googe mapping and we walked about 6 miles that day!

Also here are some random pics from the last few weeks:

First and most importantly: MY NEW BABY:baby

New awesome panda bowl from the V&A:


And my glam fish!:


its studded with little CZs and has real butterfly rings, and it smells like sick!


Seriously running out of time to finish my proposal but will do my very best, i just had to post this painting by Arcimboldo, i used to love his paintings as a child and i think this one is pretty cool;