Thursday Shmursday

I really need this project to finish now, i cant sleep anymore.

At 3 yesterday I was still awake after about 2 hours of starring at the walls, I had so much crap in my head, so i got up to write it down,  I felt my way to the desk and took about 5 min to find a pen, the i wrote down what was so important….
This morning i went to read it, and it turns out the pen i found was a really bright yellow gine liner, and i can make out a word i wrote down… but i think i remember, i was thinking about maybe setting up a mada2010 blog, and we could all have the password, and update stuff about the show! And also a flickr.

I have a tutorial today, and we are gonna try to allocate spaces for the show, both im pretty worried about! I have spent so much time on the video, and its not done yet at all, but i hope it will be around sunday, and also that there is nothing seriously wrong with it!!! We will see what andy thinks! I have rendered a sketch version of the video, it about half res and at double speed, its been really helpful rendering it, and watching it back, then i note down all the things i wanna change, sadly there is still alot i wanna change!

The space sorting outing will be tricky, everyone has such high expectations, and they all want to much space! We will figure it out tho!

Im also worried about how long it will take me to render the video! Im gonna put it to render when i leave today, and see how much it gets done in a few hours, then i can estimate how much time it will take!


tutorial and where i stand now

So ages and ages ago i had a tutorial, its was during the finishing stages of my research project so that was the main thing on my mind.

The main issues we spoke about were the move from photoshop to after effects and the final result; scale, prjoection vs screen etc.

Andy and the others had recommended me using after effects as the main tool, but i guess i was a little scared to do the move, as i was very comfortable working in photoshop. But i did do the move and found, as many had said, that it was pretty easy to use, especially with my photoshop background. It was recommended i use something like video copilot .

The main this we talked about was the final product. I have yet to decide if i wanna present this XS, S, M, L or XL (or XXXL!!!) I’d love to do something that is massive, but i worry about the cost and the quality. Projection can work great, but it can also look rubbish. But I think if it is very big it might enhance the emotions created. We are unsettled by things we can not get away from when we want to, and a wall size projection is not easy to avoid, and giant bugs are sure to make some people cringe. I also like the idea of presenting something very small, making it precious. An old tutor always wanted me to print my work on a scale similar to a deck of cards. I can imagen them on a series of small screens, maybe the size of an ipod touch, looking at the work would be more of a discovery that way.I think i need to do more research on this stuff before making a decision.

I have made on decision, tho it is somewhat unrelated:  I’m gonna get an iMac instead of a new macbookpro, its jsut so much more joy for your money!!


And having done sme after effects stuff and some videos i found that it is totally the right thing for my work, and i know now how i want the final work to be, i want to just make one video, that is very long and on a loop, i want it to be changing slowly from beautiful to disgusting to beautiful again, with each loop being maybe 40 min to an hour so that when ppl come back to look at it it will have changed.  I do not think the beauty will be “pure” though, i dont want the begining of the work to be boring and without layers, it needs to have something to keep peoples interest, and i suppose the movement needs to be clearly visible, and maybe someone will keep on watching all the way threw.

A part of me still wants to make the work kind of interactive, where something might control where if the work is beautiful or disgusting, but if i wanted to do that i would need a proper reason why and also alot of help

Right now im trying to figure out if i can get my carnations to grow blue using food colouring, though i can do it pretty simply in after effects, its just not as cool.

Tutorial+new ideas+blablabla

I had my first tutorial last week and its taken me a long time to digest everything and actually do any work. Here is a copy of my tutorial form, its a bit of a mish mash but its the best i could do today:

“Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course 2008-09


Student to complete this and email to tutor or place a copy in the staff mailbox within one week of a tutorial / feedback request

Pathway: Digital art

Name:            Ina Dorthea Thuressson                                    Date: 24.09.09

Issues discussed/Subject:

Look at: Richard Wright – – later see if I can have a chat with head of printmaking Fin Taylor who works with butterflies too

Time management: Don’t panic – Split the days /week so that some times are designated to doing research and other to the exhibition in Norway – Find a way to integrate the ma project with the exhibition

Project/Ideas: Find new ways to develop the work : movement. – Maybe use the webstie in a more direct way. I have never worked with programming but I think I’ll have to dive in. – can adding words to the website maybe change the look of the animation, making it interactive. – look in to psychology  of why we think certain things are disgusting. Maybe look in to other contrasting things, not just bisgusting/beautiful. – Have a look at other people’s research in to the subject matter.”

After my tutorial i sat down and wrote down all the different ideas i had about the work now. I always wanted to make something interactive i just always thought it would be to complicated but i guess now is the best time to start, being on a Digital Arts course and everything.

(bare in mind i dont have any idea how to do any of these things or if its even possible)

So the website could feed the animation directly, adding a word to the list could change it.

-i still want the animation to look like my work, only moving. The movement can be different things, the individual objects could move or grow, the drawing can be animated, and a whole part of the picture can move, like looking threw a kaleidoscope.

– adding a word to the list would make the object appear in the animation or make it bigger, the image could like grow or replace something else.

– i want it all to be on a loop, so maybe a base animation can be created and as new things are added they become part of the loop.

– adding more and more images would make the lesser used or older images smaller or go further back and eventually disappear, so that the movement can go on forever without being cluttered.

-OR adding a word will make that particular thing move, or it would change the speed of the animation

-In my original project proposal i wanted to work with time lapse, i would like to find a way to integrate that in to the work as well, at least give it a good try.

I still want the work to be overwhelming, no matter how i end up making it i want the final piece to bit big and beautiful. I also want to experiment with physically mirroring the work.

or something like that.