Bank Holliday Monday? No Thank You, Not For Me!

According to my trusty calendar I am suppose to have everything finished by the end of NEXT WEEK!!!! EEEEEK!!!!!

Somehow i think ill be fine tho, if i stop sleeping and eating.

Anyway I made a plan, an almost complete plan for this week! It goes as follows:


-Put together new strawberry animation (done!)
– Sort out the 50 words, emails and websites for the postcards (almost done!)
-Set up new meeting (done, it will be on Wednesday at 11)
-Blog (in progress)
– Go to the supermarket and get new strawberries for time-lapse (Done!)
– Look up prizes for CDs and stickers for the Final Show Catalog
– Start new strawberry time-lapse!
-Work on the final video
– Bake a Cake (why? Cuz i takes my mind off all the crap i need to do today!)


– Write the 300 word statement i have pestered everyone else about writing
– Write the 50 work statement that I have pestered everyone else about writing
– Blog about last weeks meeting
– Work on film
– Go to post office!
– Look up prices of postcards printers in the UK
– Work on the film some more


– 11:00 meeting about cds, postcards, budget etc.
– Forward all the 50 and 300 word statements and pictures to Kevin for the website, to JB for the postcards, to Yui for the catalog and to Susan for the Zine
–  Try to work out a budget!
– Organize a tutorial with andy for next week
– Work on film


– Blog about wednesdays meeting
– Work on the film


– Work on film all day!
– Start a low quality render of the at that point final film!

If i am still alive after that i will celebrate  at the launch party for Awkward Magazine nr. 2 on Saturday!




I got some british strawberries the other day, they were ok, a bit sour, its not really their time yet, and in no way at all are they, even at their best, half as good as norwegian strawberries. But anyway, I did eat them all but 3, i put the last 3 to be time lapsed and finally we have mould! Sadly my camera stopped taking pictures last night for some reason, but i think i can still use the pictures, ill take some more over the next few days! Im excited, tho a bit worried about the background paper i used this time.

In after effect i use keylight to remove the background colour, but it works best on blue or green paper, sadly i have every other coloured paper in the world but bright blue and green. I have tried yellow, purple, red, orange, light green and light blue, and non does the job that brilliantly, but ill make due. This time i went for a light green.

Look there they are!!

I have not really explained the light box before, it belongs to my boyfriend Luke, the box is suppose to minimize the shadows, and also it keeps interference from other light sources to a minimum, its not amazing, but it does the job, with some stronger lights im sure it would be perfect, but im all out of money!

Im soothing with a Nikon D200, with a macro lens. The D200 has an automated interval shooting option that my D40x dont have, and it generally takes better photons. Its very very heavy tho, not great for holiday snaps, luckily the D40x is!

Raspberries and weekends

Ugh last week was exhausting!! And i think the next few weeks will be too, so thats why i had this weekend off (well sort of)

On friday we went to Late at Tate, to a gig thats part of their East is East thng, it was pretty amazing to have a gig in the middle of Tate Britain, the atmos was awesome, so many ppl, just hanging out and drinking beer, unlike any other museum experience ive had! Then on Saturday we went back there, since Luke had never been, and i wanted to see the Chris Ofili show, I like his work, but i kind of want him to be neater. I think if they were my painting i would be a lot more obsessed with the detail, making sure the dots would not touch and the lines would be more perfect, and the cutouts better cut! I loved his drawing tho! And the newer paintings, especially the blue ones!

Yesterday (monday) i took down my raspberry shoot, it was been going for over a week now, and the raspberries are dry little balls, again, like with the strawberries, they dd not mould, but dry up, but they still look cool. I put them together but the video is too large to post on the internett! So you will have to take my word for it for now!

Im a bit worried about the final show, about how im going to show the work, i might try to look at some hd projector and see how the work looks, then rent one, i would love to buy one, but its soooo much money, afleast £800, and ill probably need a blueray player aswell!

I’m feeling so bad today, mu tummy is having some sort of war i think, possibly with my head. But ill try to do some work! Im doing some meaty stopmotions at the moment, nothing to exciting.

And sorting out some final show stuff… see the final show page!

Powercut :(

i started a new time lapse this morning but then there was a power cut on my street! 30 + houses wer out of power and all the shops underneath them! Its a bitch. we sat around the table playing with rubix cubes and trying to figure out what people did before there was the internet!

I also realized that doing digital arts is difficult without any power!

Its back on now but im at uni so i got my housemate to start up the camera again and hopefully the power will stay on!

Strawberries and flowers

Woho i edited together the rotting/drying strawberries and it came out pretty good, here is the video before i have stabilised the shot. I have been playing around with it in after effect but am having a bit of problem keying out the colour. Will work on it more today!

so the flowers have been photoing for a day now, and the one with no water is already dead, the other two are still fine, i guess bleach dont do much to flowers? at least not in a day…

ill put a picture up of it soon!

Strawberry update!

The strawberries have been photoing for nearly 3 days now, and my room is smelling a little of strawberries, soon it will smell of rotting strawberries, so that wont be so nice, but we suffer for our art dont we?

so here is a photo of them fresh in the light cube:


and after a few days:


more videos, timelapses and after effect

I have been getting better at after effects but its not perfect yet, and far from it! I am enjoying it alot tho, and my photoshop knowladge is making it all easier!

I have been using Video co pilot and have finished the basic training, but i might have to go back if i want to do the 3d stuff.I also did some more timelapses and one came out pretty good, i had to change the background o bright blue in photoshop in order to use it the way i want in after effects but its just fun to do. Here is the development of the best timelapse:

the original vid

with the blue background

messed with in after effects

and a picture i did layering all the pics of the flower growing: