Octopus in SPACE

If you put an octopus in space, they just look like aliens. Im ok with that.

I love those horrible posters you r can get with dolphins leaping threw space with a giant crescent moon behind them and unicorns up their asses. I might make one like that… maybe with worms? or slugs? hmm


The-Brightest-of-Stars copy


Thank you internet for the stars and Photoshop for the oh so classy Lens Flare! You can never have enough Lens Flares in space. Ask Star Trek!


Work in progress

Spent my first day off in ages (a week) doing all the fun things i haven’t had time to do, like cleaning, hovering, dishes and laundry! Oh and drawing… Spent most of the day finishing off this drawing. Hopefully ill get around to photoshopping it this weekend (tomorrow is all about free London). I think it might work tho, even if it is a bit different from my usual drawing style.

HDR and stuff,

I got a bit bored today so i decided to learn how to do HDR photography…

It turns out it is easyer and harder then i thought!

I took some pictures on my fantastic view and put them to together in photoshop, using the make HDR feature, then i had to do the tweaking witch was pretty trikky, il post the image here in a bit, its not very good tho, but i dont think the lighting was very interesting, and i need more practice!

Panda panda panda

Today i made a quick image just to try out some different effects and software that might come in handy for my project.

I started by making a fast image that way i usually do, this one is a bit less complicated then they usually are and features a baby panda and a big worm, as well as some meat and some rubies:

I left all the layers open in stead of flattening them like i normally do, after it was done i went threw all the layers and took screen shots of the image being built up. I then loaded all the images in as layers in one photoshop file and used the animation function to make a little film, its a bit bumpy at first but then it gets more stable about 1/3 in:

Then I i used the mirror effect in iMovie, witch is pretty limited so i ended up with this:

After some tweaking I got my final cut pro working and actually managed to use it for the first time ever with a bit of help from you tube. In final cut i made the picture smaller, made 4 copies or layers of it, then mirrored the layers to make the kaleidoscope effect and this is the outcome:

its not brilliant but i thought it was pretty good for a first timer!