I keep getting things a bit wong, yesterday morning i woke up to find my render almost half done… and i had forgotten some of the layer, so i had to do it all over again! when i got back here this morning it was rady, the original 20 min done, so i have now doubled them up and reversed the end up, and re rendered! Its flying, its just 2 hours to do the whole thing! its brilliant, all my hard re rendering worked! im very excited!

and yester day we built my plinth! on saturday we went to b&q, i got a massive piece of MDF, for £14, and then on sunday we built it! Luckily Lukes brother has all the tools in the world, so its looks very good! BUT IT IS MASSIVE! Its very big for a plinth, but i hope it will look ok, i really like it.

ill update pictures after i have had some food!


Plinth Plan

Here is my plinth plan for the show, with some great spelling errors!


Oh dear, it never ends, everything i think i have a solution it gets pulled away from me!

Bill went to the IT place at uni today to try and play the hd video from the mini macs, and it was not very great, it freezes up a little, and is not very smooth, so ill need a stronger computer, or come up with something else!

or i can just listen to Bill, who suggested we get dcd player that play hd, ei dvd players with a hdmi connection! it might woooork!!! Will do some more research!

Oh and we had another meeting today, lots of good stuff sorted and lots left to do! ill update the final show page later!

Render break!

I have a render break every few hours now, i should use that time to write my essay but im not! Im blogging and looking up prices and generally being proactive about everything else!

But its ok!

I have a plan! (and a routine!)

Every night i do a low quality render of my film, some i put here, some i dont bother with. Then i watch the video about 3 times with a note book, and write down all that i wanna change, then i do the changes and render again, that way it will be perfect!

I m almost done now, im doing a few more stop motion animations, of some gem stones luke leant me, and butterflies, and some plastic bugs, they will be done today and then ill change it some more tomorrow, befor hopefully on wednesday i start the full quality render.

Also on wednesday my money should be here, and i will buy my precious projector! Luke called the apple help ppl and they said once i connect my old laptop to the projector new resolutions should come up and it might be able to play HD!!! that way i wont have to borrow uni computer, tho i would feel better with a mini mac!! I will wait and see, and also there is a danger that my laptop will not pass the test that they do on the equipment! Time will tell!

I have decided to build a plint for my projector, it will hide the projector so that no one wants to steal it, and it will also hide the computer! Ill paint it neatly white and make it from MDF with the help of Luke, and it will have shelves inside for the projector and the computer, and a door at the back. And on top i can put the postcards! Im getting very excited!

OH AND WE HAVE A TWITTER soon i will make an email account that we can send the invites from!

Later today i will add some video and some photos!