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Degree show budget

so ages and ages ago i mentioned £60 as a ballpark figure for the budget, i just did the math as it is now and we are looking at £70.25, pretty good i think!

that is :

Postcards £28.25
Catalog £15
Refreshments (inc glasses, ice, ice buckets, non alcoholic drinks (water + squash), red and white wine) £20
Posters £7

this only applies if all 27 of us pays!

not to bad at all i dont think!

Degree show keeps me up all night

I cant sleep, there is too many things in my head, all of them related to the show, i have to write them down now!


at the meeting we mentioned that it would be better to send the money induvicually to each of the people who needs it, ei each of us will send ether £27 and Susan £15 or whatever. But i think that is all wrong, getting money from 27 ppl is hard enough, getting them to send different amounts to different people and keeping track of it all is very very difficult. Im gonna go with impossible!

No, all the money must be sent in one bunch to one person, that can keep track, and send it on to the necessary people!

Im going to check how my paypal is and how to use it to collect money and send it on, it is the only way.

Drinks are a must and everyone must share the cost, we need red, white and water, maybe apple juice and ice, pluss glasses. £20 from each person i think.

Also i think the posters we make should be the wonderful bright yellow ones, they are a real eye-catcher!! I also thought that if we print an extra sett of yellow logo postcards we can tape them somehow to the back of the staircase going up to our space, it will be like a bright yellow sign going all the way up telling ppl there is stuff happening there!

Final Show prizes and stuff.


The cd catalog will contain all of our works, and hopefully also links etc to our websites, blogs etc. We have looked at some different ones.

Metal tins:

Esmeralda brought in a cd tin fron another exhbition, and its pretty nice, here is a similar option :


or the square ones:


500 will cost us £732, witch works out at about £27 each, not to bad, and they look cool!

BUT we will need to get the discs and burn them ourself, but we can do that!

CDs will cost us around £80, so thats not bad at all, we just need to find some plain ones or something!

Stickers from diginate are £85 for 500, for 5cm in diameter round ones, £265 for 10 cm diameter ones.

they also do posters, 10  A1 will cost us £141.

postcards i have looked around and it looks like its gonna be pretty expensive, i have found prises for 500 at around£55, but when we get more they get better!

I have asked for some quotes, from a place called polite print, time will show what they say


I have been a bit OFF lately, not feeling to great due to a series of colds, one still present, and just a general down. But i have decided that its high time to be back ON. I’m gonna catch up on some posts first, before sorting out my assesment thingy.

I managed to get a nice little grant last week so now i can finally get a new computer, but im unsure about what to get, i was sure about getting a laptop but now im not. The updated mac  book pro is sure to come out soon, its high time and all the sites are telling us not to buy as the new ones will be here soon, and with intel i5 or i7 or whatever they are called, BUT they will probably be more expensive then they are now. For the same price as the cheapest mac book pro 15′ i can get a 27′ imac with 4 times the storage and a better graphics card. I’m torn. I always loved having my laptop, but i dont really need it, i usually only move it to the kitchen and back to my room. A desktop will probably last longer too as i wont drop it on the floor or dent it etc.

I think i might have decided on an imac. maybe. or maybe not. Oh i dont know!!! anyway yey i can afford one!


Yesterday I realized that I’m running out of time in a BIG way. Today it turns out i’m also running out of money… The wonderful term “international student” has once again given me a massive headache. I’m moving house in a few weeks, and because i am unable to find a guarantor in England I have to pay a full 6 month of rent in advanced, in the next week or so, I have some money lying around but i’m around £849 low, hopefully my bank will be able to give me an overdraft for some of that, if not then i am fucked… After running around in a circle for a while (in panic) i realized that once i pay the rent and the fees and deposit and whatnot, i wont actually have any money left to print my exhibition stuff, my exhibition stuff that I have to print pretty much right now… Brilliant isnt it. I ran back and forth to stockwell twise today and still nothing is certain. Great fun really… ANYWAY, While dealing with everything I also have a gazillion other things to do, among them the big print that I might not even have money for in the end (Yey!) But its coming along nicely.. this is what it looks like now :

meatnearlyI’m gonna do something about the flat pink between the flowers and the meat, and also i might add some more butterflies, and probably repeat some of the drawing in the white space in the center, I’m pretty pleased with the look tho and i think blown up all over the wall it should be pretty cool. I’m might do something with the background but not sure yet… only have a week to figure it out tho. I need some cake now!

Books and forms

Its been a whole week since my last blog… and i was getting so god at this as well! 😦

Basically i spent most of last week panicking about my funding application and about what my work/uni/exhibition time management should be like… i never figured that one out but i did get my application form in! I made a very nice budget for my exhibition too, very nice but very disturbing… basically if i want to mount and print all the work and then ship the whole thing it should come to something like £ 4374.68… Nice.

Anyway that’s all sent off now and i feel way better. But now i feel really bad cuz i haven’t done anything else for a long time, but i did get some books yesterday from the library, and i found the whole experience really really annoying! Its a really small library and looking threw the catalog most the books i wanted are in Chelsea or LCC or Wimbledon! Now i can go there and borrow them if I want, but that means spending most of a day travelling around greater london. We were spoil at the UCA library in Farnham, it was massive and the opening hours way better then what they are in Camberwell, and you could borrow books from all 5 other campuses and have them sent to the place you wanted! If you can get books sent back and forth between Surrey and Kent then surely you could get the sent across the river! I dont mind waiting a week or so to get a book, im lazy like that.

So i got some books out, about aesthetics, but dont know if they are any good yet! I have “Hegel- Introductory Lectures On Aesthetics” “Six Names of Beauty” by Crispin Sartwell and “For the Love of Beauty” by Arthur Pontynen, so its a good start. I’m heading down to Farnham on sunday to pick up the last of my boxes and then ill have some more gems, like “The History of Shit”, “The Anatomy of Disgust” and “The Pornography of Meat” the last one i just like the name of, its not really relevant as it is a book written by a crazy activist feminist vegan, and there is nothing worse then that…