Shimell and Madden 2

LOVE the new holding page/website of jewelery super duo Shimell and Madden! Im a sucker for the symmetry…



Im so proud!! I have made a brand new website!!

I used a wordpress blog as a template and the forwarded my old domain to the new blog, so now when you go to you go to my new blog website!!! i even made a little picture to replace the wordpress logo!


The front page is the blog bit, and im going to use it to update news and stuff!

then there is a menu on top for the different bits of my work, and a drop down menu in the digital print section.

here is a photo of the page that show the drawings!

this way it will be much easier for me to update my website and keep everyone updated, its cheaper too, i had to pay $10 to have the domaine redirected to the wordpress but now i dont have to pay for the hosting or anything! Most of the photos are linked to my flicker and the videos to my vimeo, so i dont need to upgrade my wordpress or anything either!

Research paper


Yesterday we did a quick run-threw of the research paper questions and as usual when it comes to any written work i am way behind… But it was good, and i managed to jolt down some note before it was my turn and I think i already had a lot of it sorted out in my brain already.

So my initial idea was to look at beauty and aesthetics and blah blah blah but that stuff is really boring so I changed my mind and decided to go with disgust instead, and its way more interesting. So I was reading in “The Anatomy of Disgust” and in there i found a quote by Darwin: “… A smear of soup in a mans beard looks disgusting, thought there is of course nothing disgusting in the soup itslef. I presume that this follows from the strong association in out minds between the sight of food, and the idea of eating it”  (See the whole quote in the post “Bleh”)

I find that the most effective aspects  in my work (at lest on the disgusting side of it) is the mixture of food and bugs, because ppl immediately associate the food with the idea of eating it. Like this one, with the butterflies on the meat, and the meat on the sweets:

So i was thinking to look in to the different theories of disgust and what is instincts and what is culture, but that dont really have much to do with art..But it is a good place to start. So I’ll be looking at artists that work with food, and especially in situations where it is suppose to be disgusting. Andy was also saying i should look at the differences of using disgusting imagery to promote a feeling of disgust and disgust to ad shock value. Like looking at Damien Hirst and how he uses meat to create something that shocks instead if disgusts. So like shock and disgust in contemporary art using food…

Ugh, i have now spent most of the day deleting spam from, its great fun, alex who made the site is talking to the guy that did the programming, so hopefully we will get something sorted asap!