New video stuff

Im making some new shorter videos at the moment, just for fun really…
here is screen shot of the one im rendering now, just made it quicly with some of the butterfly stop motions from ages ago:


Bits of video

Here is a few of the time lapses and stop motions that i have not had time to upload yet, pretty sad quality but you get the idea!

And my favorite film i did all year, i wish this was a high def upload, it looks amazing in hd, but this will do for now:

morning boredom leads to madonna

So i was avoiding my essay and looking about the internett for nothing in particular, when i remembered that the dvd fro madonnas sticky and sweet tour is out, so i thought i would look it up on uyou tube, and i found something even better:

this hd video from her show in Budapest, it shows the backdrop really well:

like the backdrop? i like the symmetry in it, and the drawings… also i like it cuz i made it! 
well i did 3 original photoshop files, with lots and lots of layers and then some other guy did the animation! Its pretty different from what im doing now, but its basically the same, my prints coming to life! im happy to finally have found a  good quality video of it, the official dvd shows way to much of madonna and not enough of the backdrop!


We  had another degree show meeting today and its all starting to work out, very slowly. Ill update the final show page soon, just not today!!

basically the cd catalog has been put down, and that makes me very sad but it will be cheaper this way. Instead of it we will be using the magazine that Susan makes as our catalog, we will pay for the ink and paper and  it will work out great i think!

ANYWAY i have a simple plan for the next few days: WORK ON FILM, WRITE STATEMENT!

I have a tutorial on like thurday and then i will show andy the film so far, at the moment it does not look like much, i have rendered a low quality version, and speed it up from 20 min to 3 min:

Red Gate and Sleepy Sleepy

I just wanna stop and do nothing for like a month, but i can, not yet anyway!!

Im still working away on the animation, its taking shape, its turning from gas in to something more solid, not sure what yet tho.

Tonight at 6 the exhibition ” How Beautiful Ugliness Is” opens at the Red Gate Gallery, in it 30 artists are showing works that deal with beauty and ugliness, including myself.

Ill try to take some photos of the opening and putt them on here. Im just showing one of my older pieces.

Yesterday i made the image that i will use on my postcard for the final show, the images also functions, in a way, as a kind of storyboard for the video, the image shows what i want the video to end up at, well almost. It was a lot harder work then i thought it would be, but im ok with the final result, not 100% sure tho, its a bit to twirly wirly maybe?
twirly octopus

reflections and plans

I need to lay out a plan for the next few days, i should do this all the time really, im bad at being productive.
And very good at procrastinating.

Thats probably why I like this blog so much, and the final show preparations: they are both ways for me to feel productive without actually doing anything (other then writing)

Today i walked to uni to cancel my print time. I am booked in at 11 tomorrow morning, but when i was there on tuesday he had no paper, so i had to source my own, that sounds easy enough but its not. I needed A1 paper, the right kind of paper with the right kind of coating and feeling. Most places sells rolls and sheets, but the sheets are only up to a3, maybe a2. and that just wont do. And a roll is a good 100 squids. So i went there to cancel, but then he found some paper after all! I was gonna go to The print space to get it printed, but I save much more money this way!

I’m printing a 60 x 60 cm print for the red gate gallery where i have a show its starting next week, i have to invite everyone!

I wanna apply for more exhibitions too, but thats probably a bad idea! At least for the moment.

Anyway, i was talking about a plan, and now im gonna make one!

at the moment im shooting a time-lapse of some white flowers dying, they will be dead enough by tomorrow so then i can get on with things.

This is what i need to do:

– finish white flower time-lapse.
– print print for exhibition
– do another octopus animation (i got a new one today, he is big, im gonna do one arm at a time)
– do stop motions of  toys (the bugs, the little animals, the soldiers etc.)
– stop motions of sweets (marshmallows, gummibreas etc.)
– do more time lapses of meat
– scan and animate the last of the drawings

I need to get one with putting it together the video. I think ill have it so that one animations is put on top of another, one will cover another up, that way it can be longer and still be interesting. I wanna find out how to use one of my drawings as  a particle in CC particle world in after effects too.

ok im gonna go distract myself again.


Happy 17th of May! The biggest celebration of the year back home is today, and i have a hangover worthy of tomorrow! We celebrated one day early with an indoor bbq and drinking games that are usually reserved for 17 year olds, it was brilliant, and even more brilliant was Luke doing all the dishes this morning!

I have been a bit bad with the blogging lately, still working hard but everything i make now is too big to upload on the internett, and i dont really have time to resize everything.

I did another octopus animation the other day and it came out pretty cool, but i might fo another one tomorrow after the meeting. Here are some screen shots from the vid i put together using the octopus stop motion

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See some of the final shop updates in my final show page!