Octopus in SPACE

If you put an octopus in space, they just look like aliens. Im ok with that.

I love those horrible posters you r can get with dolphins leaping threw space with a giant crescent moon behind them and unicorns up their asses. I might make one like that… maybe with worms? or slugs? hmm


The-Brightest-of-Stars copy


Thank you internet for the stars and Photoshop for the oh so classy Lens Flare! You can never have enough Lens Flares in space. Ask Star Trek!


giant octopus

Painted some giant octopuses yesterday while watching tv.

I tried to mirror them but not working yet, might need to add one more. I like the top one, it looks like he knows something.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 13.56.10

Doodled a little on the one i did last week too. Might have ruined it… not sure yet.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 13.53.24


We  had another degree show meeting today and its all starting to work out, very slowly. Ill update the final show page soon, just not today!!

basically the cd catalog has been put down, and that makes me very sad but it will be cheaper this way. Instead of it we will be using the magazine that Susan makes as our catalog, we will pay for the ink and paper and  it will work out great i think!

ANYWAY i have a simple plan for the next few days: WORK ON FILM, WRITE STATEMENT!

I have a tutorial on like thurday and then i will show andy the film so far, at the moment it does not look like much, i have rendered a low quality version, and speed it up from 20 min to 3 min:

Meetings and photoing

Phew, we had a relly productive meeting today!! Im gonne write a summary of what was decided on the Final Show Page of this blog, and ill also post it on the wiki!

Im getting pretty excited about the show now, i think it will be cool! We are all getting more excited about it, and we have alot to do!

We have decided on making postcards, and a CD catalog, that way ppl can take back all of our work on the cd and coose postcards from the people they like the best! We are gonna make a teaser/jingle with the logo of the show, that we might show in the hallway using one of the uni projectors! We are also gonna print up some posters and stuff. And we have lots and lots of work to do!

I have had a little involuntary break form my work this weekend, as i spent it preparing for sundays celebrations, making cake, and cleaning the house, making salad and other food. But now i have to get back to it!!

here is an image i did using the octopus pics from last week:

and some more trial hdrs


again see the final show page for the meeting summary!


Happy 17th of May! The biggest celebration of the year back home is today, and i have a hangover worthy of tomorrow! We celebrated one day early with an indoor bbq and drinking games that are usually reserved for 17 year olds, it was brilliant, and even more brilliant was Luke doing all the dishes this morning!

I have been a bit bad with the blogging lately, still working hard but everything i make now is too big to upload on the internett, and i dont really have time to resize everything.

I did another octopus animation the other day and it came out pretty cool, but i might fo another one tomorrow after the meeting. Here are some screen shots from the vid i put together using the octopus stop motion

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See some of the final shop updates in my final show page!