What joy

The other day I got an email from our MA group, it was very nice but asked about what we have been up to since finishing uni, some ppl have responded but i chose not to, the ppl who are interested might read it here. I dont feel like telling them. They are all oh an exhibition here and an exhibition there… yey for you, no really, its good, i just dont feel like going “oh yeah, since graduating i have sat around for a while, did some drawing, got a job down the street from my old job doing pretty much what i was doing in my old job”…

Im not very proactive when its not required of me to be so. I did apply for some stuff ages a go, but now i just need to work… make some money so i can actually afford to stay in London.

Im a bit of a disappointment really….



HURRAH! I’m back in wet rainy windy cold London after my two week holliday in Spain and Italy, some pictures and other stuff about that will follow later, particularly a bunch of pictures from various churches inc the pantheon where they have used some hard core mirroring using marble.

Anyway, tomorrow is my first proper day at Whole Foods Market, and I’m my usual nervous wreck, mainy because I’m not sure what door I need to go threw, and where to get my shoes… I’m fine wih pretty much everything else (except the hat, i have to wear an oversized baseball cap… such joy.) I’m wondering if anyone from wfm will read this, and if I wasn’t very nice about them would they fire me? I have yet to develop any feeling about them, and hopefully they wont be bad… although i did read a bit of negative publicity online…

I’m still not overly excited about the job thing, i mean im happy to be going to work and earning money (a whole 75 p more then in my old job up the road from wfm… ) but its still depressing. The new year of MA students have started now, and they might be reading this… (hello). I did brilliantly on my ma but here i am, 5 minutes walk from where i started. Maybe ill have to do a phd?

Ive been thinking about that lately actually, and I do want to do one eventually, just for the heck of it… but not yet (clearly, ill be to busy selling bread to the posh and well off on high st ken) but i wanna keep doing research related to my work, and learn more about disgust and beauty and symmetry.

bleh, im going to sleep now, got to get my strength up for tomorrow. Good to be back tho! yey.