The why? of the quiet.

Boy, oh boy, it sure has been quiet here for a while. For multiple reasons:

1: I went on holiday

2: Work got crazy (im talking 15h days 15 days straight crazy)

3: Work got normal, i needed a break.

4: I started working on something i still can’t share.

5: I started working on something im about to share (see below)

6: Some people had babies they need cards and stuff.

7: I cut my finger. See below below for graphic image (warning: graphic image)


New work for Metric summer pop up on Columbia Rd opening tomorrow! (more to follow)

I cut my finger at work and had to have 6 stitches and the nail taken off (its back on now, temporarily)


I’m thinking it should be in a new print.


Nail now black and red. Named it.Frankenfinger.


Here is another picture from the shop to help you get over the trauma of my finger.


Facebook & I

I made a facebook page for my art several years a go with ‘pages’ were first introduced… it got some likes, but as i was still at uni it make me feel like a dick, so i got rid of it.

Now i have recreated it: it still makes me feel like a dick – but its ‘necessary in maintaining an online presence’ of me and my shit. So please ‘Like‘ it. And ‘Share‘ it. And show it down your friends faces. Because I need you too… So I dont have to. At least by looking on my blog you have expressed some sort of intrest in my work, so i dont feel too bad about pushing it here.

So please “LIKE‘ me. First 30 gets a free virtual high five or something…

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 12.59.58

Wood mirror


Detail on a lovely antique cupboard type thing from a shop in norway, made with walnut wood.

Detail of something I did at work, sometimes my life imitates my art…


Sorry to all veggies, including my bf, for this lovely picture of a decapitated spring lamb.


Loved this sign we saw when driving threw east London last Saturday


Been super busty at work lately,with very little energy spear (other then for my makeshift exercise/yoga/running/swiss ball routine thats not really anything…. Must work harder (at home, less at work)

Been thinking about an all hand drawn big big drawing like the ring I did only not mirrored by the computer…. But I’m not sure yet.

Ive also been thinking about squid.

Shooting and drawing and socialising


It’s hard trying to sleep when ppl are shooting (or possibly neutralising) 20 cm away from your face… so I have no choice but to blog. I’ve been quiet for a good reason; too much work, too much socialising and too much lifeing.

Working on two new things… A black series, prints that are like some if the first stuff I did only on black, and just a little darker all around then the older stuff.
And I’m working on a series of prints that are just drawings.
The second is going better then the first, but ive started one black piece, will share soon.