At the moment this is the rout Luke and I are planning to take when we go to Norway in August! 823 Miles… Pretty good!

Here it is compared to the UK:


Sony sucks.

I just thought i would have a look at my favourite video on youtube, the total eclipse of the hart literal version, and it turns out that its banned pretty much everywhere outside of the states!! That sucks!

The creator have added an image of a cat watching the video to the video, but its just not the same. Sony are bastards!

Anyway, i still LOVE LOVE LOVE it:


Something cool

Two things actually:

1. My interview got move to a more convenient time (one when I’m actually in the country)


These are some really cool connect the dots wall art. I wanna make my own!


Oh make that 3: I got lots of nice paper, ink etc to create a perfect portfolio! Ink is sooooo much cheaper online! (Still epicpensive tho!)


There is hope yet

I finally got some GOOD NEWS! I got to the next stage for a job i wanted (apparently getting jobs are a bit like x-factor..)!! I get to go in and show my work (scary) and do a short test (even scarier!)… The bad news is the interview is on monday, when im safe at home in NORWAY, far away from London. I’m gutted! Ive asked if a different date might be available but if not i might have to get an earlyer flight back to London, or miss the whole shenanigan! Hopefully they will get back to me soon, as the prises rice daily on Ryanair. At the moment I’m looking at approx £120… I don’t really have that money, but if i got the job it would be worth it. And if I didn’t get the job… Id have to quit my other job (something to do with pride and humiliation and the other people applying for the same post) and i would be super poor. Gutted again.

Here is a picture of my dinner:


I present to you all my chosen five:


These girls are the only people in the whole of Norway (excluding my parents) that I inform about my imminent arrival to the beautiful country. The rest can go about their business, and do as they please… I dont care. But these five are worth the travel. Marianne (my mums best friends daughter, we were babies together) Ranveig (who i picked up at high school) Siri (my cousin since her birth and my friend from shortly after) Stine (who was convince I ate coffee powder for breakfast when we first met at 12/13, im pretty sure she still thinks so) and Siwa (who stole my best friend from me when we were 5, and it’s her wedding that brings me home this time). Maybe I am the one who should be honoured… But that’s just not my thing.

Something old

Im currently taking a break from my beloved timetable to spend ome time on a drawing for my friend who is getting married (they all seem to be doing that lately… i feel so old!) and its all about the things we used to play and draw when we were kids.It wont be a master piece but im having so much fun recreating and remembering the stuff we used to come up with!
Updates to come. Potato rocks and 38 purple moons may be involved!

The rest of the week

So my new work hard project has had its ups and downs so far, i had some really productive days but then sleep caught up with me and i got distracted. Did some inDesign things for Shimell and Madden, thats now been put on hold due to the abrupt end of my inDesign tiral… sucks to be poor.

Anyway i’m sure ll get back to it soon! This is what i had done so far.. ^^

on Make day I made a cake, instead of Art and on Display day i displayed excellent abilities to sleep threw my alarm.
Saturday was Work day and thats what I did, I spent it at work!

Sunday was the best day of the week, spent at home relaxing, out having pizza and going to the cinema and back home for Camelot! Cant complain about Sundays!

Today is Hunt day, but mainly ive been waiting for an Asda delivery, and packing away our Asda delivery, calling Asda about missing things in my delivery…. Maybe tomorrow…