Mid Point Review Stuff

I made a pretty quick power-point presentation for my mid point review, but i forgot my adapter so i couldn’t connect my laptop to the projector. So i just rambled on using my blog to show the images and films. As most people had seen my work before i think they got a pretty good idea of what its all about, tho some of the part timers seemed to miss the point.

I showed the trial videos from vimeo where i layered the mirrored timelapse of the sky with parts of an old print of mine, and Ethel mentioned that it might be better if the image on top was more see threw so that you could see the sky in the background better. In an attempt to show of the background better i put this together today:

i used smaller images on top, so you can see a lot more of the background. But I dont plan on using the time lapses of the sky in the final work, i want to try to use images of things either rotting or growing.

Another thing that came up during MPR was the theme of my work: Disgusting/Beautiful. Someone mentioned that they did not see the disgusting side to it, but i blame that on the poor projection. I didn’t choose the subject matter first and then make the work to fit it, it was something that developed naturally threw the previous years and i dont see a need to change it, it might evolve further in the future but forcing it would be a bad idea.

Playing with the symmetry in the work seems like a more interesting idea. I have made unsymmetrical work before, like with this one:

unsymetrical print

and with images mirrored in different ways like with these circles:


I plan to try and do some work mirrored more like the circles, and play with the kaleidoscope effects, without having the images move just like a kaleidoscope would. It was mentioned that maybe it would be good to have the image move in a way the changes the symmetry in them, maybe having them slowly turning asymmetrical. Someone also mentioned using super super slow motion or super fast fastforward/timelapse. I really like the idea of making something that moves so very slowly that you dont notice it moving at first, maybe something that when you come back to see it 15 later will barely have changed.

After Effects was mentioned as well and it was said that i could do what i have been doing a lot easier in after effects, witch i dont doubt, but i need to learn it first. It was mentioned that i could very easily ad sound aswell in after effects but i have decided i wont be using sound with the work, i find sound is often very annoying in a gallery space unless its amazing, and if i want my work to be more like a print then an animation that sound is out of the picture. When working in after effects i could also work more 3d, and take advantage of the fact that my work is often a 3d thing laid out on the floor. It would not always have to be a flat almost static thing… But doing something just because the software allows me to doesn’t mean that doing so make the work any better. Next thing i know ill be using lens flares and putting little yellow rubber ducks everywhere.

Reading threw this i feel i come off a bit negative and even resentful towards some of the comments made during the mpr, but im really not, it was very interesting to hear what people have to say and i think it made me realize how much more work i need to do, and also that i need to work on my presentation skills and try to make my ideas clearer. I’m gonna blame the negativity on the fact that i had two of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and it still hurts a lot!


Mid point review :(

So mid point reviews was today and i rambled on a bit to much and probably didnt make much sense but i’ll get back to that at a later point. I did get some good out of it tho, even tho im kinda ignoring most of what most ppl said today.

I have had an idea of what i want the final thing to look like tho, I was talking about how i dont want the work to be like a film or an animation, more like a print, so i was thinking of making like an almost static image on a screen, but then slightly changing over a long time, i dunno who mentioned it today but i think it sounds pretty cool. So you would look at it and not really detect the movement right away… maybe, i dunno. something.

more stuff

Instead of working on my presentation i got distracted today, yesterday my laptop died at about 11 in the morning and i didnt have the charger with me so i panicked for a while, think i would have nothing to do. but then i got to my senses; i went out and bought a squid and took photos of it. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while for my work, they are so awesome looking and disgusting and cool at the same time. So i took some photos, nothing great as the lighting in my room is RUBBISH but anyway, here is a few little not so amazing vids i made today using the pics from yesterday, and one where i went a bit nuts, i was just playing around and i figured out new ways to use the animation feature in photoshop!

Panda panda panda

Today i made a quick image just to try out some different effects and software that might come in handy for my project.

I started by making a fast image that way i usually do, this one is a bit less complicated then they usually are and features a baby panda and a big worm, as well as some meat and some rubies:

I left all the layers open in stead of flattening them like i normally do, after it was done i went threw all the layers and took screen shots of the image being built up. I then loaded all the images in as layers in one photoshop file and used the animation function to make a little film, its a bit bumpy at first but then it gets more stable about 1/3 in:

Then I i used the mirror effect in iMovie, witch is pretty limited so i ended up with this:

After some tweaking I got my final cut pro working and actually managed to use it for the first time ever with a bit of help from you tube. In final cut i made the picture smaller, made 4 copies or layers of it, then mirrored the layers to make the kaleidoscope effect and this is the outcome:

its not brilliant but i thought it was pretty good for a first timer!

Evaluation of my project proposal… and stuff.

The main objective in my project proposal is to further develop my current artistic practice in two different ways;

1- Transitioning from printed media in to moving image

2- Develop a stronger understanding of the  theoretical aspects of my practice, specifically the use of aesthetic tools as a means to create beauty.

Considering the theme of my research paper i have decided to focus more on the practical side of the project. In my research paper I am looking in to disgust and i think this research will feed my practical work enough for the time being. As part of my research I did create a website in order to collect what other people think is disgusting or beautiful, and at the moment the site has had more then 5,500 visits, not everyone have contributed but it’s turning out pretty good. The words should come in handy later in the project, if not directly influencing the look of the work, they will serve as a great source of inspiration.

I mentioned in my project proposal the possibility for interactive work, but at the moment i have let that thought go. I’m mainly trying to figure out what software i want to use and what sort of animation i want to use. At the moment I am experimenting with the animation function in Photoshop and I’m using a stop motion software called istopmotion. Later i want to export to Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

I have decided not to look in to aesthetics, at least not as much as i first thought i would. It is a vast subject area and 9 out of 10 books on the subject appears to be focusing on the female body in some way or another. Instead of beauty I’ll be focusing my research on disgust (mainly for my research paper), so I have been looking in to different aspects of disgust and different theories on the subject, like instinct vs culture. Understanding the subject matter should make me able to create work that effects the senses even more efficiently.

With regards to the learning outcomes listed in the course handbook my main problem area is actually creating a study plan. The first outcome listed in the handbook is “Develop your own Project proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed program of study”, I find this the most difficult of the lot. This fall I managed to get everything organised in time for my exhibition in Norway and at the same time keep my job and move house, but only just (and i did eventually loose my job). But I’m not up for that kind of stress again. I know my aims and objectives, and I’m pretty sure of what i need to do next and what i need to do after that, but i have not written any time limits or deadlines down for anything, so that is probably what I need to do next rather then having everything floating around in my head. I do realise that a study plan is probably more about what you study rather then what times you study, but having a structure would make everything a little easer.

Research paper


Yesterday we did a quick run-threw of the research paper questions and as usual when it comes to any written work i am way behind… But it was good, and i managed to jolt down some note before it was my turn and I think i already had a lot of it sorted out in my brain already.

So my initial idea was to look at beauty and aesthetics and blah blah blah but that stuff is really boring so I changed my mind and decided to go with disgust instead, and its way more interesting. So I was reading in “The Anatomy of Disgust” and in there i found a quote by Darwin: “… A smear of soup in a mans beard looks disgusting, thought there is of course nothing disgusting in the soup itslef. I presume that this follows from the strong association in out minds between the sight of food, and the idea of eating it”  (See the whole quote in the post “Bleh”)

I find that the most effective aspects  in my work (at lest on the disgusting side of it) is the mixture of food and bugs, because ppl immediately associate the food with the idea of eating it. Like this one, with the butterflies on the meat, and the meat on the sweets:

So i was thinking to look in to the different theories of disgust and what is instincts and what is culture, but that dont really have much to do with art..But it is a good place to start. So I’ll be looking at artists that work with food, and especially in situations where it is suppose to be disgusting. Andy was also saying i should look at the differences of using disgusting imagery to promote a feeling of disgust and disgust to ad shock value. Like looking at Damien Hirst and how he uses meat to create something that shocks instead if disgusts. So like shock and disgust in contemporary art using food…

Ugh, i have now spent most of the day deleting spam from disgustingbeautiful.com, its great fun, alex who made the site is talking to the guy that did the programming, so hopefully we will get something sorted asap!