Good train


Spent the weekend in Devon and took the train up to London on monday morning, it’s a lovely train ride! Now it’s back to work…
Oh and those filler longer m&s things totally work! Gonna recreate using tesco!

Read my way threw most of Jane Austin… Only Sense and Sensibility left- leaving that for later, gonna read some Dickens and some Wild now!

Drawings to come soon… I just need a day off.


Kindle time!


My mum got me this thing for Christmas and I love it!

My main objective for getting it is the cheap books so this year I’ll be reading mainly classics that are out of copyright! YEY!!

I started before Christmas on my phone with google books but found it quite straining on my eyes… The kindle is better!

I started with Jane Austin and so far I’ve read:
Pride and Prejudice (pretty much exactly like the bbc sho, how knew!?)
Emma (she is as annoying in the book as she is in the film!)
Mansfield Park (I was rooting for the badboy…)
And now I’m reading Northanger Abby!

Dunno what to read next… Any suggestions? I really wanna read the newest Dave Eggers but at just over £5 it’s out of budget so I’ll have to wait until I’m desperate!

Books and forms

Its been a whole week since my last blog… and i was getting so god at this as well! 😦

Basically i spent most of last week panicking about my funding application and about what my work/uni/exhibition time management should be like… i never figured that one out but i did get my application form in! I made a very nice budget for my exhibition too, very nice but very disturbing… basically if i want to mount and print all the work and then ship the whole thing it should come to something like £ 4374.68… Nice.

Anyway that’s all sent off now and i feel way better. But now i feel really bad cuz i haven’t done anything else for a long time, but i did get some books yesterday from the library, and i found the whole experience really really annoying! Its a really small library and looking threw the catalog most the books i wanted are in Chelsea or LCC or Wimbledon! Now i can go there and borrow them if I want, but that means spending most of a day travelling around greater london. We were spoil at the UCA library in Farnham, it was massive and the opening hours way better then what they are in Camberwell, and you could borrow books from all 5 other campuses and have them sent to the place you wanted! If you can get books sent back and forth between Surrey and Kent then surely you could get the sent across the river! I dont mind waiting a week or so to get a book, im lazy like that.

So i got some books out, about aesthetics, but dont know if they are any good yet! I have “Hegel- Introductory Lectures On Aesthetics” “Six Names of Beauty” by Crispin Sartwell and “For the Love of Beauty” by Arthur Pontynen, so its a good start. I’m heading down to Farnham on sunday to pick up the last of my boxes and then ill have some more gems, like “The History of Shit”, “The Anatomy of Disgust” and “The Pornography of Meat” the last one i just like the name of, its not really relevant as it is a book written by a crazy activist feminist vegan, and there is nothing worse then that…