God Jul

Its funny really, of all the traditions that makes christmas christmas i find watching tv the most important one, at least to create that special christmas feeling.  On facebook this morning alot of my friends in norway had the same status “watching ‘tre nøtter til askepott’, now its christmas!” and i had the same feeling. Its an old eastern European production of Cinderella, with the original voices in the background and an old norwegian mans voice on top, putting on voices. It’s brilliant, and christmas at its best, i have watched it every year my whole life, and so has pretty much everyone i know and i have a feeling it will never change. Every year for 30 years its been on, and i think and hope it will stay on for another 30. It’s comforting. I’m not sure what im on about really, anyways, I hope you all have happy holidays!


Something is brewing…

I have been stuck inside the last few days, luke has something resembling a flu so I have been his “flu friend”, witch basically mean have just sat in bed and watched tv online, but it is very inspiring really. Watched about half of BBC Life, and as everyone know it is amazing, i particularly liked the “insects” episode, it had some pretty cool bugs in it and full of new ideas. “Plants” was pretty cool too, it has some awesome time lapses and slow motions that just blew me away, but non of it as cool as the episode about creatures in the deep, it was really beautiful and some amazing time lapses, like the giant sun starfish (the size of a bin lid) eating the dead body of a giant octopus and then being attack by the even bigger king crab, it was awesome!  I just wanna take lots and lots of screen shots, go hunting for jellyfish and finally get my hands on one of those awesome quids they have in the fish counter at the super market, then pop it all on some really nice paper and start taking photos!

I would do that soon if it wasnt for the feeling that what ever luke has i will get too soon… hopefully i wont tho.


The stress of the last few weeks has finally gone away and left me completely unable to do anything… well that and the fact that i have been left without internet for the last 5 days… And i1m not about to write an essay on my stupid phone.

I have been reading a lot lately, to try and get a grip on this whole research paper thingy, i should have posted a proposal on the blog, but because of the stupid internet never arriving i have yet to put it up and i somehow managed to leave it at home when going to uni today.

First i was gonna write about beauty and stuff but i dont think i will anymore, disgust is way more interesting! I’m reading The anatomy of disgust at the moment, by William  Ian Miller, and its pretty interesting. I still dont have a question ready or anything tho, i probably wont have one until the paper is finished.

I like this bit that Darwin wrote about disgust in The  Expression and Emotion of Man and Animals:

The term “Disgust,” in it’s simplest sense, means something offensive to the taste. It is curious how readily this feeling is excited by anything unusual in the appearance, odour, or nature of our food. In Tierra del Fuego a native touched with his finger  some cold meat which I was eating at our bivouac, and plainly showed utter disgust at its softness; whilst I felt utter disgust at my food being touched by a naked savage , though his hands did not appear dirty. A smear of soup on a man’s beard looks disgusting, though there is of course nothing disgusting  in the soup itself. I presume that this follows from the strong associations in out minds between the sight of food, however circumstanced, and the idea of eating it.

I like this alot and it hits my work stop on (not the bit about the native savage, but the bit about the beard) and its the type of disgust im using in my work, i guess i call it disgust by association. Its what i want to look closer in to…

ok been sat in the cellar for almost two hours now waiting for someone to come here and teach us more about arduino boards and stuff but no one has showed up! YEY!

Its been a while

My crazy frantic stupid busy do everything at once time is finally over and its brilliant!

The show at Haugar went really well and it’s hanging nicely until January 31st! Yey. It took some work but we eventually got all the right parts hanging in the right places. Gonna add some photos once my internet is returned to me.

We moved house this weekend so waiting for the post office to put in a new phone line so we can get some internet up and running. I1m not doing very well without it, but my phone gives me my daily dose so i’m ok.

So ANYWAYS, I made some time lapses when i was in norway, only 2 and they are pretty crappy, used my dads nikon d200 and retouched the photos in lightroom2, then put them together using the animation feature in photoshop, so basically imorting all the photos as layers in one file, then flicking threw those layers… The settings went a bit wacky in lightroom and i forgot to turn off the auto light balance thingy on the camera… but here is it:

and this one

Now that the d200 has been taken away from me i have to find a new way of doing this, i could borrow another camera but id rather make it work with what i have.  I was shown how to do it using linux, but because of my crappy laptop being crappy i cant run puredyne on it, so booo. Will research some more.