More videos

I wrote my statement for the catalog the other week, but im still to scared to put it on here.. maybe later

Lately im just working on the video, i did another low quality render on friday, at double speed.

watching it helps me make changes and realize what works and what does not:

– the movements needs to be smoother (i forgot to add the easy ease on the keyframes of the movement, on some of the clips)
– i think it needs more smaller details
– more meat
– more toys
-more butterflies
– it needs to me more consistant, build up to something then down again i suppose, right now its a big wrong.

ill get on that soon.

oh dear, outside my window is the recycling center where all the dumpster trucks in southwark stands at night, usually its pretty odourless, but today it smells, i have to close the window 😦


Ah the joy

Today i made a blingtato, a potato covered in CZs (cubic zirconia), and i made an icecube melt and a flower grow.

I have a better flower growing at the moment, and that will keep going for some time, should look great! Tomorrow i’m gonnabake the Blingtato to see what that looks like! And maybe get around to sticking the CZs in some steak.

here is the flower:

and here the icecube, this one is with gold and glitter:
thats all for now


Speaking of the new year i thought id share this fun little site, i think it might have been mentioned in the metro today, but as usual “the ridiculant” section is way behind on its sites.

Anyways, i decided to try out this thing a friend of mine does, witch is to make one drawing everyday and the post it on a blog, knowing me that probably wont happen but i’ll give it a try, and to make up for the last 4 days i made two today! I say drawing but i mean doodles, way different. I’ll pop in a better pic once i can be bothered to dig out my scanner so for now the photos will have to do:

and this it the rather silly front page of my new sketchbook: