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sneak peek

A little close up of the first new print of the new portal series. Currently on display in the Metric Pop Up on Columbia Road (ill be going on about that for a few weeks)


Whole thing to follow. Sooooooooon….


paper paper paper

So i thought id post some of the stuff thats come up during my research paper research, ive been looking in to all sorts and reading all sorts, some useful some not so much (like watching tv, and listening to the entire 7 harry potter audio books…)

So this is the books i have been looking at so far:

The Anatomy of Disgust by William Ian MIller – Its a really interesting but possibly to in-depth and far to long book on disgust, but its been the most useful one so far…

On Garbage by John Scanlan – this book is all about garbage and how it has changed our lives and all sorts of stuff, the most interesting bits was the chapter on garbage and art and the one on garbage and the uncanny.

Purity and Danger by Mary Douglas

History of Shit by Dominique Laporte – this book is not as fun as it sounds… its all about how shit changed our society and cities way back when, ive stoped reading it now as i dont care and its not relevant…

Contemporary Debates in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of art by Matthew Kieran – I read a very interesting essay by Carolyn Korsmayer called Terrible Beauties that was very interesting and i got a few good quotations from it that ill mentioned in a little bit

I also wanna look at the Sensations book and the Apocalypse book, i know the into to apocalypse has some really good references.

Im also reading some Kant stuff, and some of the stuff he said will be the main kind of point of my paper. Also Darwin will come in handy and possibly Freud.

Citations n stuff

SO the main citation im using and i suppose arguing (probably against) is one from Kant, i have yet to find the whle quote from him tho, this is from this article called Beauty and the Beastly by Arthur C. Danto found here:

Beautiful art, Kant wrote, can represent as “beautiful things which may be in nature ugly or displeasing.” But the disgusting is the only “kind of ugliness which cannot be represented in accordance with its nature without destroying all aesthetic satisfaction.”

And this one also from Kant that basically says the same thing:

“There is only one kind of ugliness that cannot be presented in conformity whit nature without obliterating all aesthetic liking and hence artistic beauty; that ugliness that arouses disgust”

Some other citations that might be important in my paper:

Darwin in The  Expression and Emotion of Man and Animals:

“The term “Disgust,” in it’s simplest sense, means something offensive to the taste. It is curious how readily this feeling is excited by anything unusual in the appearance, odour, or nature of our food. In Tierra del Fuego a native touched with his finger  some cold meat which I was eating at our bivouac, and plainly showed utter disgust at its softness; whilst I felt utter disgust at my food being touched by a naked savage , though his hands did not appear dirty. A smear of soup on a man’s beard looks disgusting, though there is of course nothing disgusting  in the soup itself. I presume that this follows from the strong associations in out minds between the sight of food, however circumstanced, and the idea of eating it.”
Another from Kant:

Nothing is so much set against the beautiful as disgust”
In the essay Terrible Beauty (mentoned above) Korsmayer mentiones:

“Fear, grief, pity and other discomforting emotions have a long  histry in philosophy of art, disgust has no such ancestry”


“It must be granted that most art that threads on disgust is not beautiful- nor is it intended to be”

Ehm im not really sure what purpose the last two have in my paper but i wrote them down in my notebook for some reason so i figured id put then up…

Other stuff + moral disgust

So i figured i have to decide specific stuff to look in to aswell, a long with some terms/words that i need to explain.

I need to find a definition of disgust and of beauty, and also mention like other words related i guess…

I also need to talk about moral disgust as well.

Darwin mentioned that disgust is basically an oral defence, and the feeling comes from our association between seeing food  and the idea of eating that food.

There is a researcher at the uni of Virginia who also does research in to what he calls “core disgust”, and he too says that disgust is, in its basic form, an oral defence. I’m gonna look more in to his research too.

Yeah so then there is moral disgust, where our taught and social morals comes in, and tells us that making fun of people with disabilities is wrong, or that having a go at peoples religion isnt great fun either. That pissing in a glass and popping a crucifix maybe isnt a good idea, and that making children cry just to get a photo of them is bad.  There is often a clash between our moral disgust and out disgust, say for instant when we feel disgusted by someone who are deformed or sick or something.

Someone said that disgust by death or murder etc is only apparent (except for moral disgust) when there is a lot of blood and gore in the painting/sculpture/whatever, so the chapman brothers work, or their hero Goyas work can be experienced as disgusting, while Leonardo da Vinci anatomic drawings are beautiful due to their lack of blood and gore. But not everyone finds Goyas work to be disgusting…
I want to look into the effect good skills has on our experience of disgust and beauty, maybe something that is very well crafted can be beautiful despite of its content.

George Santayana described beauty as “pleasure regarded as the quality of the thing”  but i just got confused as to what that means, ill have to get back to it later.


I wanna look at artists whos work i find hold both beautiful and disgusting qualities at the same time, and also some artists that work solely with one or the other. So like Damien Hirsts Butterfly paintings, Paul McCarthy, Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s garbage shadows, Da Vinci’s anatomic drawings, Jennifer Angus’ bug wallpapers, and lots more really. I also wanna look at some of the reactions the work got. I’d pup some links up but im feeling lazy!


– STRUCTURE! Finding a decent structure to the paper that is logical!

– Getting everything to tie together nicely and within the context.

– Writing the damn thing

– The fact the the winter Olympics 2010 is on! I have solved part of the problem: BBC is only covering the alpine, the snowboarding and the figure skating for some reason, but i found a great site where I can watch the Norwegian coverage of the games HERE. But i still have to find time in the day to sleep, work, write, eat and be somewhat social… And its not like i can NOT watch, I am Norwegian after all!

I think I’m getting worse at this.

I keep forgetting to blog, and to do what i am suppose to do, my brain is mushy and my priorities a bit all over the place. And this cold isnt helping! Anyway, thought i should just do a big catchup post.

I was suppose to send Andy my project question thigy on friday, i remembered on sunday… still havnt done it yet. Mostly cuz i dont know what it is. I wrote down some stuff, and i think its something to do with how can i use aesthetic tools to create beauty, or something lame like that, but i dont know, im rubbish at this stuff. I’m gonna work on my proposal today so something might come out of that. Hopefully.

The website is up and running now, still has a few bits and bobs that needs sorting out but i’m really pleased with it this far. This is what it looks like at the moment:

Picture 4As it is now whatever you enter stays in the submission box, making it really easy to enter the same thing over and over again (as someone has done with “life” and “apathy”.  I’m not really sure if its a good thing or not, it makes it easy for someone to make a statement of something they feel strongly about, but im not sure if everyone knows exactly how the system works. I dont want to moderate the site in anyway, so i might just leave it like it is. If someone want to put “penis” in 2000 times then they are welcome to do that, but i might make it a bit harder to do that… maybe. Ok so thats the website stuff done.

I got some books the other week and im reading them slowly, “six names of beauty” is really interesting but not really what i’m looking for, it’s a bit random. I did go and pick up all my books from Farnham last weekend tho, so my bibliography is growing, along with the books i have mentioned earlyer there is also a boog on garbage, and one about shock art and some other stuff, ill try and get in to them soon!I think my research paper will be about like what space beauty holds in contemporary  art (way to broad tho) but its interesting reading about it, how beauty used to be the main kind of goal in art and now its just a side note (im not really sure what im on about but im sure i will have sooner or later).

As for the norway exhibition thing im still in a bit of a panic about funding and stuff but im also really excited! Tone, the curator, is working on the catalogue now and i found out we will have student studying contemporary art actually helping us setting up the show MINIONS!!! HAHA!

I’ve been working on the big wall piece for a while now and this is what it looks like atm:


Its mainly meat and rabbits, with a few rubies and butterflies, I have a few more changes to make and next i need to work on the background and the drawing. Lately i have been drawing a lot with pens but i think the pieces where i use pencil are a bit more effective. They look like they are drawn straight on the paper instead of being digitally added (even tho thats what they are). I’m really looking forward to getting this done but i’m worried about the printing, because of the size of the wall it as to be printed in 4 pieces and placed next to each-other. The other prints will be hanging off the walls with butterfly clips (most lightly) i think it adds a new dimension hanging them like that, they become less precious and it plays with some of the works almost religious looks (the symmetry and  cross shapes)… But with the big print they need to be connected somehow… ugh, ill think about it later. I have about a week to finish this and prepare the rest of the work for print! I didnt realize i ha so little time till now… Heres that panicky feeling again 😦

Ok have to work now, no gradate fair for me!

biscuits and no tea

I’m having biscuits but no tea, dont have time. Just thought i’d do a quick blog before i head off to work.

Ugh work, thats my main problem at the moment, finding a balance between uni, work and exhibition. I’m doing two days a week at work now, then i have two days at uni a week and sunday is off day (am i allowed to have an off day?), leaving monday and friday to do some work but i am way to easily distracted… and most evenings i’m asleep just after dinner.

I was gonna scan some drawings in today but only have ten min till i have to leave for work so hopefully tomorrow morning.

Some good news tho, i went to Farnham on sunday and picked up my books (hurrah!) so now i almost have a bibliography for my proposal, i dont have a question tho… ops. Somethign to do with beauty and disgust i guess, does beauty have a place in contemporary art or something lame like that,  but i wanna talk about the disgusting bits too, so i really have no idea. anyhoo

on our way back from Farnham we went on a spontaneous visit to Hampton Court Palace, pretty impressive stuff. I took some photos but running out of time, so here is just one awesome photo, the wall is covered with guns and swords, its pretty crazy!

ok work now 😦