I got it working!!! Putting the camera in PTP mode (in the USB menu) lets me connect my camera to my mac using the usb port, so now i can take photos and make time lapses in istopmotion, so now every images is automaticly downloaded in to the software and the film made for me. Im not sure what to do with it but im still excited. istopmotion is compatible with final cut pro so i think i can use the films created in istopmotion and hopefully be able to mirror and stuff in final cut or something!

now i need to get one of those things that lets me plug in the camera so im not dependent on the battery! I’m so excited!

UPDATE: iStopMotion turned out to be a bit shit, well maybe not, but i didnt like it


more timelapsing

trying to figure this stuff out, this one was done with my nikon d200, taking one photo every 1 min and 20 sec, and then animated in photoshop. I’m gonna start another one to figure out how much battery power i have on the camera, i might have to buy one of those batteries that lets you plug in the camera, and i probably need a bigger memory card, i only have a 2GB at the moment…

I downloaded a demo of the software istopmotion, and it looks pretty cool but i have yet to figure out how to connect it to my dslr, i think im missing some cables. i stopmotion is usually used with a video camera but the d200 has a “video out” thingy so i think it should work.

anyway here is the new vid, its pretty poor quality as the better quality vid is still rendering, this is just a .avi, but im actually pretty pleased with the result, i only took a few mict this time, maybe 175 or something, but i have emptied the memory card and fully recharged the battery so will see what the next one brings!

anyway, heres the vid:

Happy neeew year

christmas breaks flew by and now its time to get on with things and i have the best thing to get my inspiration going… A brand new camera!!! Well its not brand new, it actually has a few years on it but still, its new for me, at least for he next 6 month. I have updated to a nikod D200, witch is brilliant as it has the features my d40x was missing so now i can get on with work properly! And it has a brand new really cool tripod to stand on! So i’m all out of excuses, and sooner or later i might upgrade my laptop too!

I’m way behind on my reading as christmas was spent outside in minus 10 – 15, once you make it back in its not really reading that is on ur mind… Here is Abba for you guys;

anyways, im about to fall asleep so ill leave this for now…