im in spain now, so no more posting, next im off to italy before i start my new job at wfm!


Baking plans

Im going on a job interview tomorrow! YEY! Im looking forward to getting back in to a good routine and earning money again! Its nothing arty but i think that might be good! Its a job at Whole Foods Market in Kensington, in the bakery section, and i do like baked goods! I guess its a bit similar too the farmshop only 100 times bigger, but it wont be too unfamiliar, I might even see some of our old regulars!

Yesterday I heard about this controversial atomic bomb cake served at some important american thing a gazillion years ago:

you can read about it here

It made me think i should make some mushroom cloud cupcakes or a big cake! maybe for halloween? I’m also planning to make some brain cupcakes that i saw a picture of in a book the other week, they are something like this:


i thought i would do them with a red velvet bottom and cream cheese icing, but i thought ide see if i could mix in a few fresh raspberries in the icing to make some bits look extra bloddy!

Ill need the cupcakes t rise in to a peak, so i think i need to overbeat the mixture…

Its been a while!!

I have been a bad bad blogger lately, it’s not like i’ve been away from the computer, I’ve just not felt like it. Apparently people expect great things from me… What with “doing so well” and everything… Nothing particularly great have happened and i dont think anything will happen anytime soon…

I’ve been dabbling in illustrator, finding it tricky but ill figure it out. I know some stuff, but I seem to have forgotten most of it. I did this drawing the other day (while feeling a bit down about having to go back to retail) and I thought I would clean it up and vectorize it or something…

Im not feeling that down about retail anymore tho, im looking forward to getting back in to a good routine and making money again! And it’s never that bad at first anyway!

Feeling the Blehhhh (again)

I’m back in London again! Hurrah! It’s good to be back and I’m enjoying the heat bobble but i’m feeling the pressure! Everyday I’m getting closer to the point when I HAVE to get a job, and the most dreaded word is haunting me: RETAIL. Soul destroying retail. Full time work that leaves me cold and empty and too exhausted to do any thing in my spare time. No more drawing or other kinds of arting. Just work+eat+sleep.

But I still have time, there is still time, I really need there to still be time! I just need to draw, and create and learn stuff… like indesign and quark and html and illustrator (some more) and all that other crap that appears to be common knowledge and necessity in the creative working world. I wish I could just draw all day. That would be good.