I love flowers on trees




Loved this sign we saw when driving threw east London last Saturday


Been super busty at work lately,with very little energy spear (other then for my makeshift exercise/yoga/running/swiss ball routine thats not really anything…. Must work harder (at home, less at work)

Been thinking about an all hand drawn big big drawing like the ring I did only not mirrored by the computer…. But I’m not sure yet.

Ive also been thinking about squid.

Shooting and drawing and socialising


It’s hard trying to sleep when ppl are shooting (or possibly neutralising) 20 cm away from your face… so I have no choice but to blog. I’ve been quiet for a good reason; too much work, too much socialising and too much lifeing.

Working on two new things… A black series, prints that are like some if the first stuff I did only on black, and just a little darker all around then the older stuff.
And I’m working on a series of prints that are just drawings.
The second is going better then the first, but ive started one black piece, will share soon.