Shooting and drawing and socialising


It’s hard trying to sleep when ppl are shooting (or possibly neutralising) 20 cm away from your face… so I have no choice but to blog. I’ve been quiet for a good reason; too much work, too much socialising and too much lifeing.

Working on two new things… A black series, prints that are like some if the first stuff I did only on black, and just a little darker all around then the older stuff.
And I’m working on a series of prints that are just drawings.
The second is going better then the first, but ive started one black piece, will share soon.


Fall exhibition images

I just applied to Hostutstillingen 2010, the fall excitation in Oslo, they prefer images that have not been exhibited before, but because i showed so many of my images at Haugar i didnt really have any i liked, so i made up some new works using some old images, i made a few of these but i only uploaded the 3 i applied with, as the others were not that great.




Few alterations, nearly there! UPDATE: DONE! (kinda)

I’m nearly there now, a bit of retouching and a few more pieces of meat and its done… But after that i have to figure out what to do with the background and how to make it bigger, i really wanna fill the wole wall but it would be remarkably cheaper and easier to settle for a A0 – B0 ish sized print… That way i dont have to make it it 4 individual bits too… hmmmm…. will do some experiments and see… anyway here it is NEARLY THERE!!!



UPDATE!!!: Hurrah! I’m pretty much done now, i’m not sure how the money situation will affect the work, and the fact that i somehow have to take it to norway… will make a decision like next week ish. So this is pretty much what it would look like on the big wall if i use the whole wall (cutting off a bit of the sides, it looked stupid filling the whole space) i might do it in 4 bits but i was thinking that maybe to A0’s might work, but then im nt sure how to fit that in my luggage…




Yesterday I realized that I’m running out of time in a BIG way. Today it turns out i’m also running out of money… The wonderful term “international student” has once again given me a massive headache. I’m moving house in a few weeks, and because i am unable to find a guarantor in England I have to pay a full 6 month of rent in advanced, in the next week or so, I have some money lying around but i’m around £849 low, hopefully my bank will be able to give me an overdraft for some of that, if not then i am fucked… After running around in a circle for a while (in panic) i realized that once i pay the rent and the fees and deposit and whatnot, i wont actually have any money left to print my exhibition stuff, my exhibition stuff that I have to print pretty much right now… Brilliant isnt it. I ran back and forth to stockwell twise today and still nothing is certain. Great fun really… ANYWAY, While dealing with everything I also have a gazillion other things to do, among them the big print that I might not even have money for in the end (Yey!) But its coming along nicely.. this is what it looks like now :

meatnearlyI’m gonna do something about the flat pink between the flowers and the meat, and also i might add some more butterflies, and probably repeat some of the drawing in the white space in the center, I’m pretty pleased with the look tho and i think blown up all over the wall it should be pretty cool. I’m might do something with the background but not sure yet… only have a week to figure it out tho. I need some cake now!

It’s a plan!

I have a problem, I have no problems writing things in my notebook, i fill about two, tree pages everyday with notes, but it never turns in to anything else. I’m trying to write a new artist statement / bio type thing, and i just cant get it out of the notebook. So I have a plan; every morning I will force myself to type the notes in to my computer, and maybe even type them in here, it’s scary but i think i have too.

I was tying to map what i am interested in yesterday, and try to find out what made me wanna make the work i make. This is what i wrote down;

Things I’m interested in

– What makes something beautiful to some people and not others
– What makes something disgusting to some people and not to others
– How big a part does psychology play in this, and how much has to do with inbuilt instincts
– What makes something beautiful, what tricks can you use to create this; symmetry, repetition, golden geometry
– Contradictions within single objects like a toy soldier or a taxidermy butterfly
-Things that are not what they firs seem; things that are really small but very heavy
things that are very big but very light
traditionally cheap things made out of expensive materials like a lego brick made out of gold
– Kaleidoscopes and how they can make anything beautiful
– Pictures of bacteria and cells, extreme close ups of things
– Things that takes a while to understand how they were made

Things I wanted to create:

– Something beautiful
– Something slightly obsessive
– Something that first appear to be just beautiful, but once you look closer you see that it is not what you thought it was
– Something fun
– Something playful
– Something I would hang on my own wall (luckily i’m a bit strange so i dont mind having meat, bugs and slugs all over my living room (walls))

So what do I wanna make now? I made some notes here aswell;


– Beautiful
– Disgusting
– Big
– Interactive
– Moving

I think thins might be a pretty good way for me to get all my thoughts out of the notebook and online without worrying about grammar and shit like that. Woo.

Next I’m gonna head to The Print Space in east London and have a look at paper and mounting and shipping for the Norway exhibition.