I hat ordered my Ben Q HD w1000 projector, it will be on its way to me soon, soon it will be in my arms and i can hug it!

But the major issue has been the play back of my massive HD file, mini macs are too slow, tower macs are too big, blu ray to much money and dvd to low res, but there was a solution, and its a prefect one:


THE WESTERN DIGITAL HD TV MEDIA PLAYER! It plays everything, pretty much! I just connect an external hard drive to the box, and connect the box to the projector, i found other artists that have done the same, they said it was great, and it loops, im not sure how to get it too but it loops!

Ill still need to compress my video a little but thats fine, cuz its cheap, it can play all my other movies too (i copied a lot of my dvds some years back when someone told me that dvds only last 10 years…)
its hd, its little, its WONDERFUL!!!!

happy happy happy!

it will be here in a weeks time!


Projectors and stuff

Bleh, im so worried that something will go wrong!!

After thursday we realized that using bluray will not work, its too much money, to make the fils as like £300 or more, and then i need to get the player aswell.

I thought about using my old computer to play from, but it wont do the resolutions that i want, im not sure if the computers at uni to either… the mini macs might, BUT there is only 2 and we need way more! So we have to fight about who gets to use it. Well fight… not the right word. Im gonna give Andy the reasons why each of us need one, then he will have to decide!  what if i get the projector and it cant play???

im gonna try to build my own plinth, that way it can be the right size and also i can make it so that the projector is hidden, and then ppl cant come and fiddle with it!

the wall i am on is pretty big, 5 meters long if i use the whole thing, but i dont think the room is long enough to let me project that far away, and also the further it is from the wall the more ppl can stand in the way of the projector!

also i dont think have the celling hight for that either…

will figure it out… eventually!! HOPEFULLY!


I have been changing my mind 5 times a night about what to get, a low quality cheap projector, a 720 p projector or go all out and get a 1080p projector. For the detail in my work to look its best a full hd would be best, but it is a lot of money. So i was thinking about getting a 720p one instead, a good 200 to 300 quid less, but when i mentioned it to a friend of mine he just what what the hell are you going to do with a 720 p projector? iand he has a point, a 1080 is the future, its a shiny clear future with that kicks ass, sadly it costs lots.

I wanna get (if i het a full hd one) a BenQ W1000, its around £800, at best… most places way more then that. There are 3 of us that wants this particular one, so we thought we could get a good deal. Well Projector Point in south london says they are the cheapest, Bill went to see them, and they would offer us a deal… they did… £10 off each one… what the hell is that! They said thats all they could do, as they are alredy cheapest in the market… Well i did some digging around and this far i have found atleast 5 other places that were cheaper… i have emailed around, so we will se whats gonna happen…

Sleepy Hungry Tired Blog

My blog is suffering, i am not posting as much as i used too, at all… not because im doing less work, is pronbably brcause i am doing more. But not really, well not work on my project anyway, im working on the final show, witch basically means i am emailing everyone about 3 times a day, and writing lists.

I did another squid animation, its pretty cool, but too big to put on here, ill do it tho.. soon, i just gotta stop emailing and stop making lists.

We had another meeting today, talking about the website, and renting projectors and sorting out computers. Ill write more about that on the final show page. Yey.

We talked about projectors tho, and im getting closer to deciding on buying one, renting is so much money, and buying is about twise that money, but it will last much longer. But then im worried about showing it. I can probably borrow a mini mac from usi, it can be connected eaisly to the projector, but im not sure how well it will play, my computer have been having problems playing my videos, might have something to do with the frame rate maybe, but i dont know. I thought about getting a bluray player, they are not so much now, or i could rent one. But that will probably be the same amount. Ill have to get it burnt on to a bluray player tho, and they are expensive. I might know someone who can help me, i hope so.

also im worried about looping it, i dont know how i would do it on a mac, i should look that up, and on the computer too really. ill do that soon!

ill write about todays meeting and other stuff in the final show page later today.

Raspberries and weekends

Ugh last week was exhausting!! And i think the next few weeks will be too, so thats why i had this weekend off (well sort of)

On friday we went to Late at Tate, to a gig thats part of their East is East thng, it was pretty amazing to have a gig in the middle of Tate Britain, the atmos was awesome, so many ppl, just hanging out and drinking beer, unlike any other museum experience ive had! Then on Saturday we went back there, since Luke had never been, and i wanted to see the Chris Ofili show, I like his work, but i kind of want him to be neater. I think if they were my painting i would be a lot more obsessed with the detail, making sure the dots would not touch and the lines would be more perfect, and the cutouts better cut! I loved his drawing tho! And the newer paintings, especially the blue ones!

Yesterday (monday) i took down my raspberry shoot, it was been going for over a week now, and the raspberries are dry little balls, again, like with the strawberries, they dd not mould, but dry up, but they still look cool. I put them together but the video is too large to post on the internett! So you will have to take my word for it for now!

Im a bit worried about the final show, about how im going to show the work, i might try to look at some hd projector and see how the work looks, then rent one, i would love to buy one, but its soooo much money, afleast £800, and ill probably need a blueray player aswell!

I’m feeling so bad today, mu tummy is having some sort of war i think, possibly with my head. But ill try to do some work! Im doing some meaty stopmotions at the moment, nothing to exciting.

And sorting out some final show stuff… see the final show page!