Disgusting Beautifull Update

Just a little note about how disgustingbeautiful.com ended up:

its pretty cool!


tutorial and where i stand now

So ages and ages ago i had a tutorial, its was during the finishing stages of my research project so that was the main thing on my mind.

The main issues we spoke about were the move from photoshop to after effects and the final result; scale, prjoection vs screen etc.

Andy and the others had recommended me using after effects as the main tool, but i guess i was a little scared to do the move, as i was very comfortable working in photoshop. But i did do the move and found, as many had said, that it was pretty easy to use, especially with my photoshop background. It was recommended i use something like video copilot .

The main this we talked about was the final product. I have yet to decide if i wanna present this XS, S, M, L or XL (or XXXL!!!) I’d love to do something that is massive, but i worry about the cost and the quality. Projection can work great, but it can also look rubbish. But I think if it is very big it might enhance the emotions created. We are unsettled by things we can not get away from when we want to, and a wall size projection is not easy to avoid, and giant bugs are sure to make some people cringe. I also like the idea of presenting something very small, making it precious. An old tutor always wanted me to print my work on a scale similar to a deck of cards. I can imagen them on a series of small screens, maybe the size of an ipod touch, looking at the work would be more of a discovery that way.I think i need to do more research on this stuff before making a decision.

I have made on decision, tho it is somewhat unrelated:  I’m gonna get an iMac instead of a new macbookpro, its jsut so much more joy for your money!!


And having done sme after effects stuff and some videos i found that it is totally the right thing for my work, and i know now how i want the final work to be, i want to just make one video, that is very long and on a loop, i want it to be changing slowly from beautiful to disgusting to beautiful again, with each loop being maybe 40 min to an hour so that when ppl come back to look at it it will have changed.  I do not think the beauty will be “pure” though, i dont want the begining of the work to be boring and without layers, it needs to have something to keep peoples interest, and i suppose the movement needs to be clearly visible, and maybe someone will keep on watching all the way threw.

A part of me still wants to make the work kind of interactive, where something might control where if the work is beautiful or disgusting, but if i wanted to do that i would need a proper reason why and also alot of help

Right now im trying to figure out if i can get my carnations to grow blue using food colouring, though i can do it pretty simply in after effects, its just not as cool.

Last week

I tried out some more after effects stuff last week and did this short video using an old print

Last week i also stated on some new work, taking new photos using new things and old things, i did two shoots; the first with steak, popcorn and sweets and the second with feathers, fish and butterflies. They are not brilliant but its been a while since i did some. I think i prefer the ones that are just digital, but anyway here are te original images:

i did them on green, so that is functions as a kind of green screen, that comes in handy in after effects. This worked pretty good except for the green in the feathers being the same hue as the background.I used these to make some more vids. In all of them i used a mask and plenty of mirrored layers.

this one is just using the original image:

In these two i removed the green and added some old drawings as a background.

this one is morrored some more times and i added the clip of the flower growing, it grows slowely but its not very visible, but it works ok.

i think i need to find a good mix of these vids and the previous ones in pink, and a slower version, working slowly from beautiful to disgusting.

more videos, timelapses and after effect

I have been getting better at after effects but its not perfect yet, and far from it! I am enjoying it alot tho, and my photoshop knowladge is making it all easier!

I have been using Video co pilot and have finished the basic training, but i might have to go back if i want to do the 3d stuff.I also did some more timelapses and one came out pretty good, i had to change the background o bright blue in photoshop in order to use it the way i want in after effects but its just fun to do. Here is the development of the best timelapse:

the original vid

with the blue background

messed with in after effects

and a picture i did layering all the pics of the flower growing:

Kew gardens

I mentioned a while back that i went to Kew gardens with Luke and got lots of great pics of great flowers and plants. They are great in the work and as research, as well as drawing from, here are a few:








here is one of the amazing glass houses at kew, i loved it there



I have been a bit OFF lately, not feeling to great due to a series of colds, one still present, and just a general down. But i have decided that its high time to be back ON. I’m gonna catch up on some posts first, before sorting out my assesment thingy.

I managed to get a nice little grant last week so now i can finally get a new computer, but im unsure about what to get, i was sure about getting a laptop but now im not. The updated mac  book pro is sure to come out soon, its high time and all the sites are telling us not to buy as the new ones will be here soon, and with intel i5 or i7 or whatever they are called, BUT they will probably be more expensive then they are now. For the same price as the cheapest mac book pro 15′ i can get a 27′ imac with 4 times the storage and a better graphics card. I’m torn. I always loved having my laptop, but i dont really need it, i usually only move it to the kitchen and back to my room. A desktop will probably last longer too as i wont drop it on the floor or dent it etc.

I think i might have decided on an imac. maybe. or maybe not. Oh i dont know!!! anyway yey i can afford one!