So i finally managed to get all the things i need to make some more little vids from lukes house to my house, but after setting up the lights and the light box and everything i realise that the little bit of plastic that connects the camera to the tripod is missing, probably still at lukes on his camera. Ill have to wait till tomorrow.

I did get some other stuff done tho, i did a video outin th sun on friday and ive been fixing up the images all weekend, retouching all 300, and the end result isnt really that great, its a shame. It looks much better then it did before i went threw the pics but its not amazing, i just used the sunlight but the few clouds that were in the sky has made the whole thing a bit crap.

ill put up the original soon aswell.

Went to Kew gardens yesterday which was awesome, got lots of nice pics that i can play with and draw from. Oh and i also made some more icecubes today, with glitter gold and plastic gem stones in! I’m borrowing some CZs from Luke that i can play with also and maybe if i’m careful i might get to use the real gem stones too.


It’s a plan!

I have a problem, I have no problems writing things in my notebook, i fill about two, tree pages everyday with notes, but it never turns in to anything else. I’m trying to write a new artist statement / bio type thing, and i just cant get it out of the notebook. So I have a plan; every morning I will force myself to type the notes in to my computer, and maybe even type them in here, it’s scary but i think i have too.

I was tying to map what i am interested in yesterday, and try to find out what made me wanna make the work i make. This is what i wrote down;

Things I’m interested in

– What makes something beautiful to some people and not others
– What makes something disgusting to some people and not to others
– How big a part does psychology play in this, and how much has to do with inbuilt instincts
– What makes something beautiful, what tricks can you use to create this; symmetry, repetition, golden geometry
– Contradictions within single objects like a toy soldier or a taxidermy butterfly
-Things that are not what they firs seem; things that are really small but very heavy
things that are very big but very light
traditionally cheap things made out of expensive materials like a lego brick made out of gold
– Kaleidoscopes and how they can make anything beautiful
– Pictures of bacteria and cells, extreme close ups of things
– Things that takes a while to understand how they were made

Things I wanted to create:

– Something beautiful
– Something slightly obsessive
– Something that first appear to be just beautiful, but once you look closer you see that it is not what you thought it was
– Something fun
– Something playful
– Something I would hang on my own wall (luckily i’m a bit strange so i dont mind having meat, bugs and slugs all over my living room (walls))

So what do I wanna make now? I made some notes here aswell;


– Beautiful
– Disgusting
– Big
– Interactive
– Moving

I think thins might be a pretty good way for me to get all my thoughts out of the notebook and online without worrying about grammar and shit like that. Woo.

Next I’m gonna head to The Print Space in east London and have a look at paper and mounting and shipping for the Norway exhibition.

Tutorial+new ideas+blablabla

I had my first tutorial last week and its taken me a long time to digest everything and actually do any work. Here is a copy of my tutorial form, its a bit of a mish mash but its the best i could do today:

“Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course 2008-09


Student to complete this and email to tutor or place a copy in the staff mailbox within one week of a tutorial / feedback request

Pathway: Digital art

Name:            Ina Dorthea Thuressson                                    Date: 24.09.09

Issues discussed/Subject:

Look at: Richard Wright – – later see if I can have a chat with head of printmaking Fin Taylor who works with butterflies too

Time management: Don’t panic – Split the days /week so that some times are designated to doing research and other to the exhibition in Norway – Find a way to integrate the ma project with the exhibition

Project/Ideas: Find new ways to develop the work : movement. – Maybe use the webstie in a more direct way. I have never worked with programming but I think I’ll have to dive in. – can adding words to the website maybe change the look of the animation, making it interactive. – look in to psychology  of why we think certain things are disgusting. Maybe look in to other contrasting things, not just bisgusting/beautiful. – Have a look at other people’s research in to the subject matter.”

After my tutorial i sat down and wrote down all the different ideas i had about the work now. I always wanted to make something interactive i just always thought it would be to complicated but i guess now is the best time to start, being on a Digital Arts course and everything.

(bare in mind i dont have any idea how to do any of these things or if its even possible)

So the website could feed the animation directly, adding a word to the list could change it.

-i still want the animation to look like my work, only moving. The movement can be different things, the individual objects could move or grow, the drawing can be animated, and a whole part of the picture can move, like looking threw a kaleidoscope.

– adding a word to the list would make the object appear in the animation or make it bigger, the image could like grow or replace something else.

– i want it all to be on a loop, so maybe a base animation can be created and as new things are added they become part of the loop.

– adding more and more images would make the lesser used or older images smaller or go further back and eventually disappear, so that the movement can go on forever without being cluttered.

-OR adding a word will make that particular thing move, or it would change the speed of the animation

-In my original project proposal i wanted to work with time lapse, i would like to find a way to integrate that in to the work as well, at least give it a good try.

I still want the work to be overwhelming, no matter how i end up making it i want the final piece to bit big and beautiful. I also want to experiment with physically mirroring the work.

or something like that.

I’m 6 days in to my MA degree and the initial reaction is PANIC!!!!

I think I’ve mentioned it already but I’m finding this blogging stuff really hard! I have no problem writing about what I had for dinner or some bit of art that I find really interesting, but writing about my work is impossible, its like a wall in my brain (possibly put in there by Darren Brown) and it stops me from actually writing anything substantial… must break threw wall…

Ok, so here is like a brief outline of my practice, my project and my interests:

I’m a print maker I guess… but I’m not, I just make things that can be printed. I take photos sometimes but I’m no a photographer, its just how I make stuff sometimes… I’m not a painter, but I thought I was once. I draw. Sometimes I draw with pens and pencils and sometimes with pictures of meat or with dried beans.

I like objects and images that are both disgusting and beautiful at the same time, and that what I want my work to look like. I want people to discover more and more little things in the pieces as the look at them closer. I like things that contradict themselves, like toy guns, or taxidermy butterflies.

My project is pretty simple: I wanna make my work move. I wanna create some sort of multi screen animation on a loop that slowly and organically changes and grows, eventually starting up where it started. I want it to be big, overwhelming, beautiful and maybe a bit disgusting. How I’m gonna do this I have no idea.

I love the idea of not only digitally mirroring the work as I have done but also physically doing it, to give the effect of something very, very large.

My main concern about my project is feeding the theoretical side and the research paper I have to write, I have, I guess, something to work with, but I really cant imagine any kind of all important question that needs answering. Maybe I’ll look in to aesthetics, but it’s such a massively large subject area…

The mail reason for my panic has to do with this very large, very exciting group exhibition I am taking part in back home in Norway… I’m gonna be showing something like 10 – 18 pieces of work, some of witch are not done yet, one is 3 x 4 meter and none are printed… and it opens on November the 21st (thus the panic).

My project… sort of.

I’ve been dreading writing about my project all weekend… but I guess I have too.

Right, so the basic idea is that i wanna further develop my current practise. I make digital prints by mixing hand drawing, photography and digital image collaging. Now I’d like to move away from digital print and towards moving image and installation. Instead of being printed on paper i want my work to be displayed on screens (Proper nice HD screens would be cool).

God, I’m really not enjoying writing about this… ok…

So, i wanna create movement in my work, more like a kind of natural organic growth, like something changing slowly while you look at it, subtle movements… I like the idea of the movements being being never ending, like a big loop.  I love the idea of creating something massive, that fills your whole field of view.

I’m gonna pop some images and stuff up that im interested in and that inspire me, and hopefully i should be able to express my self better next time.