Baked goods, new jobs and grand plans!

I got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!! A real job!!!! Or… HALF of one. Im working in the marketing department at Whole Foods Market, as a sign maker! I get to do computery things and drawing and writing, I have to learn their special fonts and all kinds of stuff! Its great, its my first proper job, no customer service involved! And I love it! I wish it was full time!!

So with my four days of free time every week I can get my act back together, make some more art and drawings and stuff!! I have yet to do any (ive been lazing for a while) but its in the plans!

What I have done is baking!!

S’more Cupcakes!!!:


Peanuttbutter Cohocolate Pie!:

Its from the Hummingbird Bakery book Cake Days and its SOOOOO tasty!


There is hope yet

I finally got some GOOD NEWS! I got to the next stage for a job i wanted (apparently getting jobs are a bit like x-factor..)!! I get to go in and show my work (scary) and do a short test (even scarier!)… The bad news is the interview is on monday, when im safe at home in NORWAY, far away from London. I’m gutted! Ive asked if a different date might be available but if not i might have to get an earlyer flight back to London, or miss the whole shenanigan! Hopefully they will get back to me soon, as the prises rice daily on Ryanair. At the moment I’m looking at approx £120… I don’t really have that money, but if i got the job it would be worth it. And if I didn’t get the job… Id have to quit my other job (something to do with pride and humiliation and the other people applying for the same post) and i would be super poor. Gutted again.

Here is a picture of my dinner:

Day 2


As we all know tuesdays are LEARN DAYS, so today i learned… pretty much nothing… BUT its actually more about practising and generally fooling around in illustrator! So thats what i’ve been doing!

Ive pretty much finished my red lilies vectorisation, but cant decide if i prefer it with or without the background. I might tamper some more with it later, but for the time being im done with it and starting something new!

Red Lilies 1

Red Lilies 2

Now I’m going to deviate from the plan and return to yesterdays job hunting, applying to a front of house position at the Jerwood… Its not a creative position but I think I would be happier working somewhere I can actually be inspired!

Operation Time Table day 1

Today was HUNT DAY! I applied for 1 job today, at the national portrait gallery. I would have managed at least 3 today had it not been for all the forms involved with applying to these kinds of places. You cant just send your CV and a letter, you have to rewrite your letter within an application form, a bit of a pain but its a nice little part time job! Wish me luck! Now Im off to work, those cakes aren’t gonna slice themselves!

See it’s Monday!

Its been a while!!

I have been a bad bad blogger lately, it’s not like i’ve been away from the computer, I’ve just not felt like it. Apparently people expect great things from me… What with “doing so well” and everything… Nothing particularly great have happened and i dont think anything will happen anytime soon…

I’ve been dabbling in illustrator, finding it tricky but ill figure it out. I know some stuff, but I seem to have forgotten most of it. I did this drawing the other day (while feeling a bit down about having to go back to retail) and I thought I would clean it up and vectorize it or something…

Im not feeling that down about retail anymore tho, im looking forward to getting back in to a good routine and making money again! And it’s never that bad at first anyway!


YEY, yesterday i finished my CV, I really HATE writing those kinds of things, but it has to be done, and it looks pretty good now, I might have stolen Lukes CV setup… but its not like we are going to be applying for the same jobs or anything…

ANYWAY, I applied to a job today, hurrah for me, its at the roundhouse and is a kind of online marketing kinda thing, basically updating social networking sites etc, and Im already pretty good at that! I filled in the form and added my new wonderful CV! My main worry is that i wont be considered because of my holidays thats coming up, im going home tomorrow for a week, then im off to spain and then rome at end of september, but hopefully i will at least get an interview, I mean.. I would hire me, or at least give me a chase! Im a god damn excellent resource!

Im also applying for an exhibition thingy, called the Mare Street Biennale, BUT they need to see my artist statement, and its not the best piece of work… they also need a lot of other paper work, but ill try to get it done today! But first Ill have to PACK MY BAGS! Dont want to go to norway without anything in my bag!