May have posted this before, but i just love it.


Berlin artist Julia Kissina’s Fleischfrisuren (from ’96-’97).


Wood mirror


Detail on a lovely antique cupboard type thing from a shop in norway, made with walnut wood.

Detail of something I did at work, sometimes my life imitates my art…


Sorry to all veggies, including my bf, for this lovely picture of a decapitated spring lamb.


At the moment im working on some new animations, of meat!

I have got some beef, and just doing some stop motions of it spinning around, and some short time lapses!

Sadly all my videos end up being like 5 GB each, so i cant upload them to the internett, and i dont really wanna scale them down, its not necessary at the moment, and you will see them in the end!

Raspberries and weekends

Ugh last week was exhausting!! And i think the next few weeks will be too, so thats why i had this weekend off (well sort of)

On friday we went to Late at Tate, to a gig thats part of their East is East thng, it was pretty amazing to have a gig in the middle of Tate Britain, the atmos was awesome, so many ppl, just hanging out and drinking beer, unlike any other museum experience ive had! Then on Saturday we went back there, since Luke had never been, and i wanted to see the Chris Ofili show, I like his work, but i kind of want him to be neater. I think if they were my painting i would be a lot more obsessed with the detail, making sure the dots would not touch and the lines would be more perfect, and the cutouts better cut! I loved his drawing tho! And the newer paintings, especially the blue ones!

Yesterday (monday) i took down my raspberry shoot, it was been going for over a week now, and the raspberries are dry little balls, again, like with the strawberries, they dd not mould, but dry up, but they still look cool. I put them together but the video is too large to post on the internett! So you will have to take my word for it for now!

Im a bit worried about the final show, about how im going to show the work, i might try to look at some hd projector and see how the work looks, then rent one, i would love to buy one, but its soooo much money, afleast £800, and ill probably need a blueray player aswell!

I’m feeling so bad today, mu tummy is having some sort of war i think, possibly with my head. But ill try to do some work! Im doing some meaty stopmotions at the moment, nothing to exciting.

And sorting out some final show stuff… see the final show page!

Panda panda panda

Today i made a quick image just to try out some different effects and software that might come in handy for my project.

I started by making a fast image that way i usually do, this one is a bit less complicated then they usually are and features a baby panda and a big worm, as well as some meat and some rubies:

I left all the layers open in stead of flattening them like i normally do, after it was done i went threw all the layers and took screen shots of the image being built up. I then loaded all the images in as layers in one photoshop file and used the animation function to make a little film, its a bit bumpy at first but then it gets more stable about 1/3 in:

Then I i used the mirror effect in iMovie, witch is pretty limited so i ended up with this:

After some tweaking I got my final cut pro working and actually managed to use it for the first time ever with a bit of help from you tube. In final cut i made the picture smaller, made 4 copies or layers of it, then mirrored the layers to make the kaleidoscope effect and this is the outcome:

its not brilliant but i thought it was pretty good for a first timer!

Research paper


Yesterday we did a quick run-threw of the research paper questions and as usual when it comes to any written work i am way behind… But it was good, and i managed to jolt down some note before it was my turn and I think i already had a lot of it sorted out in my brain already.

So my initial idea was to look at beauty and aesthetics and blah blah blah but that stuff is really boring so I changed my mind and decided to go with disgust instead, and its way more interesting. So I was reading in “The Anatomy of Disgust” and in there i found a quote by Darwin: “… A smear of soup in a mans beard looks disgusting, thought there is of course nothing disgusting in the soup itslef. I presume that this follows from the strong association in out minds between the sight of food, and the idea of eating it”  (See the whole quote in the post “Bleh”)

I find that the most effective aspects  in my work (at lest on the disgusting side of it) is the mixture of food and bugs, because ppl immediately associate the food with the idea of eating it. Like this one, with the butterflies on the meat, and the meat on the sweets:

So i was thinking to look in to the different theories of disgust and what is instincts and what is culture, but that dont really have much to do with art..But it is a good place to start. So I’ll be looking at artists that work with food, and especially in situations where it is suppose to be disgusting. Andy was also saying i should look at the differences of using disgusting imagery to promote a feeling of disgust and disgust to ad shock value. Like looking at Damien Hirst and how he uses meat to create something that shocks instead if disgusts. So like shock and disgust in contemporary art using food…

Ugh, i have now spent most of the day deleting spam from, its great fun, alex who made the site is talking to the guy that did the programming, so hopefully we will get something sorted asap!