Been working in this easter egg box creation when I get to work too early, I use it kind of like a cookie jar.


Nom nom Nam Dok Mai


Nam Dok Mai Mango, the most delicious Mango I’ve ever eaten, at £4.49 it’s also
the priciest, but it’s worth it! Nom nom nom. So goods I had to share it! 

Kritjana S Williams

I think i mentioned in a post that I had seen some work that was really cool and inspiring at Liberty, and that I would post about it soon. This is that soon.

Kristjana S Williams is a Central St Martins graduate from Iceland, and I love her work.

Have a good look on her website! Some really great prints, and if I were allowed to buy anything other then socks right now I would get one!

I LOVE her symmetric stuff (I would tho, wouldn’t I?) I want this one:

Her other stuff is cool too!

Wood mirror


Detail on a lovely antique cupboard type thing from a shop in norway, made with walnut wood.

Detail of something I did at work, sometimes my life imitates my art…


Sorry to all veggies, including my bf, for this lovely picture of a decapitated spring lamb.