Centipede Finished

Centipede, originally uploaded by inadorthea.

Took a while to finish (i got bored – there are too many legs)

Now i need to figure out what to do with it.

Put it in space maybe?


Hidden Owls

Started this drawing yesterday and finished it these last few hours while watching south park. if you look for them there are accidental owls in the mirrored piece that i never set out to make! Thinking it would look blown up to A1 or similar. Its got lots of tiny details, like the eyeballs.

This is the original drawing (upsidedown but whatever)

and this is the finished thing (maybe)

it may be attacked by colour fine liners tomorrow morning. But im not sure…


Finished drawing! Im thinking these would make cool large scale prints…

WormLeaf, originally uploaded by inadorthea.


Something new something repetitive

how to ignore crap tv while your boyfriend is having a meeting…

More to come later… of the same drawing that is… its much bigger.


Saving/ Loading Work Doodle


Sometimes our work computer is a bit slow…