The Degree Show

On this page i will show the perpetration up to the final show.

The final show is sett to open on the 13th of July, and will be in the under grad building on Peckham Rd.

this page will work kind of opposite to the way the blog does, it will have the newest posts on the bottom!

14 ish Weeks to go

The part timers yr 2 and the onliners yr 2 have already started some preparations for the show and the rest of us a catching up with them now. As full timers i think we will have more free time to spend working towards the show, but not all of us are as motivated as the part timers are, but im sure we will find a balance!I took part in the organization of my final show for my BA and it was alot of work, but we were over 60 students so im hoping this will be easier! There is a Google wave sett up were we can all discuss the show but i think over time it will become necessary to set up a kind of comity were the people that want to take a more active part can meet regularly and then relay the information on to the rest of the groups. Everyone wants to have a say, and they will be able to do that, but the smaller desiccation can be taken by a smaller group. At least thats how i hope it will work out!

Thuresday the 20st of April

So last week we organized a meeting for tomorrow, at 16.00, thinking that the MPRs would be done by then, but some changes to the timetable might jeopardize the meeting, and Andy had kinda organized one for today with the online students, to happen at 1.30.
Since there is a meeting today we might have to cancel the one for tomorrow, or change time time. The part timers will probably not make it in today so we might have to move the meeting tomorrow to a different time to catch up with them about what happened today.I’m going to go in to uni later and hopefully we can have a good chat with the onliners, and then i can put some stuff we discussed up here!The wave is not working out as good as i would have hoped, its good for somethings but not great for communicating as everything takes a long time and the fact that nothing is chronological on there makes it a pain to work out some of the time.

UPDATE: so now it looks like the meeting today will happen on google wave!

Meeting 1

So yesterday we had a meeting on Google wave about the final show, there were all the onliners and some of the f2f students!We did a lot of talking back and forth but nothing to important was decided other then a way to organize everyone. We have added a list of the different things that needs doing for the show on the wiki page, so that everyone can chose what area they want to be involved with.They are listed on the wiki HERE each student will add their names to one or more list. Then once the groupes are ready they can arrange meetings and maybe select a leader.

The areas are :

-Actual Hanging of Work (someone added this bit but i think that the hanging of the work needs to be done by everyone! Each person is responsible for their own work! If someone cant make it then they will have to arrange privately with someone else to help!)




-Catalog / postcards


-Fundraising / sponsorship

-We also need someone to work as an accountant / cashier type person

Im not sure if we need to elect a person to take charge of everything, a kind of chairman of the board or something like that, that will be responsible for making sure nothing is over looked etc. Will see with time what happens there!

Here is a copy of the chat from yesterday, i have removed all of the dates and profile pics etc and tried to make it a bit easier to read (you should probably up the font a little though) Its from my google wave so where it should say “Ina” it just says “me” Degree Show Chat1 20.04.10

For the next meeting i think its important to make up an agenda before we start, to make it more productive!

Monday 26th of April

Today i opened my email and it was full of emails about the show and the symposium we have next week, it was all pretty confusing and all over the place. So i sent out another email to make it all worse for everyone. In it im basically asking people to sign up to the lists on the wiki, and i added another one so that people who want to help sort out the renting of the stuff we need for the final show. also called for a meeting on wednesday. made a google wave for the meeting so that we can add an agenda for it.

next we need to make more specific lists of what each group must do. i was gonna do that now but im hungry!!!!

Wednesday the 28th of April

So ive been trying to make an as comprehensive list as possible of the stuff the different groups will have to do, and here it is, i will post it on the wiki too so that everyone can add to it:


– Shall we provide our own postcards or do we do this together too to keep the cost down
– Decide on the physical look of the catalog and possibly the postcards (dimensions, paper etc.)
– Get quotes from different companies
– Get someone to write the forward
– Someone who can out it together in inDesign or somethung like that
– Collect images and information from everyone
– Collect money and pay for the damn thing
– Find out how many we will need to get
– Get logos etc from fundraising


– Get the final drawings and dimensions of the spaces
– Get the detail of everyones work (how much space they will need. what plugs they will need etc)
– Find out what kind of space each person would like
– Who wants to be in the dark space and who would like to be in the light space
– Organize the invigilation

Setting up

-Find out who will be around for the set up of the show
– Get all the information from the people who will not be around for the set up so that we can get it right!


-Find out who wants in on renting equipment
– What each person will need (what specs they would like also)
-Find companies and get quotes so we get find the cheapest option
– Work out how much each person will have to pay for the stuff they need
– Get all the money first so that if anyone backs out we do not loose money
– Organize delivery and pick up


-First we need to decide if we are doing them or not
– Get permission from Uni
– Get quotes from companies
– Decide what we will need (how much and what)
– Organize non alcoholic drinks too
– Glasses
– Keeping it cold
– Someone to help out on the day
– Clean up afterward!


– Create new logo (if we decide on it)
– Just get it out there!


– Maybe work with Promo
– Get all the details from everyone including images and websites etc.

Tuesday 11th of May

Its been awhile since i have posted here, but alot has happende! I have finally got everyones preffered email adressess, and almost everyone has signed up to help with something. Jean has meade so great logos for the show, and i think we might go with his idea. He also made a jingle/teaser video of the logo, and it looks great, i would love to see it projected at the show, maybe in the staircase, to get people to go upstairs to see our show!

I made a form to get ppl to fill in what they wannas how, and in what space they wanna be in, and how big their piece will be etc. Next we have to get the groups working together, might wait till tomorrow, then sed out an email to the different groups!

Monday 17th of May

Things are moving along now, finally. I have gotten about half the students final show details witch means we can soon start working out the look of the show! Kevin has done some excellent work on the website, we are working on getting the catalog going, altho there are many different ideas as to what we should do.

I spoke with Andy last week and got some good news from him, we will probably be able to borrow computers from the it people for the show, witch is great! Everyone who needs one can have a swanky imac of a mini mac! We will also try to borrow some projectors that we can use in the hallway, to lure people up to our show!

The curating will be difficult i think, it should not be a first come first served system, but something that works for everyone, we have to find a balance between everyone, and also work out how the sound aspect will work, we need to try to get the sound people as far away from each other as possibly, but i think alot of people will be using sound, so there is a danger of it becoming just noise!

Looking at the forms about 1/3 wants to be in the light space and the rest in the dark space, hopefully it will all work out, but there is the issue of the dark space being smaller the the light space. We will figure it out!

We are having a meeting tomorrow, where i think we should focus on equipment, catalog and bar stuff!

Tuesday the 18th of May, MEETING

Today we had a really good meeting about the final show and we made some decisions!

Ethel, Rod, Jean Baptiste, Yui, Ran, Hong, Lina, Chan, Bill, Constantina and I was there, and Kevin joined us online.

We talked about pretty much all the aspects of the show, including the news i had from andy mentioned in the above post.


We have decided to get red and white wine, a long with soft-drinks for about 500 people. There is usually around 2000 people there on the privat view, but we figured 500 is enough to cover our closest friends and family! Ethel and I will get in touch with some people we know in the business to try and get some good deals. We will also try to get sponsors for some of the non alcoholic drinks.

Catalog and Postcards:

Based on the emails we have been sending in the catalog group the idea of making a CD catalog has been the most popular one, so we have decided to go with the idea, and also having postcards so that the visitors can take back something my physical.

Ethel will look up prices to get the postcards printed in the Uk and Ran, Hong and Lina will look up prices in China, they will also look up prices for getting the cd catalog produced. As will Rod.

Everyone seme to like the logo JB had made so we will go with his design, he will make a template for the postcards, that we will also use for the digital catalog, that Yui has volunteered to put together.

We decided to go with an A6 sized postcard, printed on both sides, picture on one side, logo, name and details, and a shot description on the other.

I am in charge of getting all the images and information together asap. I sent out an email asking everyone for an A5 image, 300dpi .jpg, cmyk, and a 200-300 word statement. We chose a deadline a week from now, so that everyone understands its important to get it done. Once i have everyones pics i will pas the on to JB.


Constantina and Bill has volunteered to sort out the equipment stuff, they will collect the spec details from everyone who wants to rent equipment and get in touch with companies for quotes.

They will email us all shortly, they to with a deadline, so it gets our butts in gears.


We have decided to put together a promopack/ presskit that we can email to galleries etc, Rod has volunteered to work on it, basing the design on JBs work. It will contain pictures, dates and details about the show etc. Rod will write a few words about the show and post it on the wiki soon, then based on feedback it will get sent out .We will all hace to collect email adresses to various contacts and galleries.

We also discussed making a poster that we can hang around London and also at the show, showing people were wer are. It will not contain any images, just the logo that way we wont have to decide on one image to use. The logo is strong enough on its own.

We will need to get someone to volunteer putting together a showreal for the show too, it should contain the logo animation and snipp bits of all of our wirk, it can be used as the intro on the CD  catalog and the website.


We want to start working on the curation soon, but as Sara mentioned in the email we have to wait until everyone has a clearer idea of what they need, it will start soon tho. We will send out (again) the floor plan of the two spaces, then each person can say what kind of space they would prefer, maybe cross it off on the floorplan, and we can work from there.

We will start the process soon! We will have to remember that the spaces will not look just like they do now tho. There will be stud walls put up to cover up furniture etc and that will make the rooms a bit smaller, but it will look much much better, we will have to wait for the plan, as it is being prepared by the BA ppl, who will be using the space first.


We were pretty talked out at this point but Rod finished the meeting on a high, saying the according to some old students we are pretty prepared and the show is set out to be amazing. It will stand out from the other shows in the building and hopefully other shows out there at the moment.

We mentioned trying to take advantage on the fack that Decode was just on at the V&A and how much people really liked it, we need to take advantage of that, and somehow suggest that our show will have similar aspects.

Next we need to get someone to do the showreal and also find away that is comfortable for everyone to collect money.  Once we have some prises for postcards, drinks, CDs, posters etc then we will know how much this will cost each of us, hopefully it wont be too much, as i am VERY VERY POOR right now!  Then get on with the curation, where an issue is the possibility of noise pollution and also the fact that most of us wants to be in the dark space, but we will figure it out! We also need to confirm that we can use the IT computers like andy said, as well as the hallway space!  Thats all my brain feels like thinking about for now!

Tuesday the 1st of June

Its been a while since I updated, but its not cuz nothing has happened!

Last weeks meeting went pretty good, we mainly discussed the website and the cd catalog! Kevin is doing a really great job on the website!

For the catalog Esmeralda brought in a CD catalog she got at a show years a go, it was a cd in a round tin box, and it was really lovely, so she kept it. I have looked up prises and they are not so much money! I have looked up alot of prices really, its doing my head in!


For the CD i found a company the will make 500 CDs for us, with stuff on them and our logo on the top, the nice man at DMS even gave us £100 off! They will be £311 inc shipping and VAT, so that is £11.60 ish each, if all 27 of us pays.

thats here

The nice tin boxes will be around £439 for a bit more then 500, but im hoping they will send me a better price, but at the moment that is about £21.33 each fro, they are a bit of a luxury but i think they would look lovely, and enc tinboxes ourage people to save the CD!

Xpress CDs will print the CDs for £345, thats for 500, or for £350 they will do 1000, so thats £12.90 each, but we dont need 1000, if we do we would have to get even more boxes so i think 500 will do!

Then we can put a sticker on the box with our logo, Diginate will do 5cm diameter round stickers for £85, so thast about £3 each


Postcards are gonna cost a lot! We were thinking about getting them done in china, but i think time is running out!

The postcard company will print 500×27 for £60 each, they have given us a student price and it might get cheaper if other students use them too, as they can then bulk buy the paper, and he already had some who wanted to use them. The are gloss colour on one side and black and white on the other. If not everyone gets the money and photo in on time we can use the spare cards to do our own invites / flyers.

Polite print has given us 30% off and free shipping, they print of environmentally friendly paper  and seem like a nice company. Using them will cost us £70 each, but if we pay £77 each we get 1000 cards each, rather then 500.


I have not really lpooked to closely at the poster money, but i know DIGINATE will do 10 A1 posters for £141, on matt paper, they will cost us £5.60 each, but there might be cheaper places to get them, we want the posters to be just of the logo so it might work with just B/W. They will be in the building showing the way and maybe a few about town?


I have not yet got any prices for wine, but i have asked around and are waiting to know!


Tinboxes only has 400 round boxes available, at 72 p each so that woulc be £10.66 on each of us.

But they do have square boxes, with a hinge lid, at 96p each, that would be £12 each of us for 500

We are having another meeting tomorrow, so we will make soem decisions then!

Wednesday the 9th of June

Its like 3 meeting since last i updated this page, and pleny has happened, i mentioned some on the blogs.

Catalog: We are not going with the wonderfull CD catalog in lovely tin box, but instead we are going with a more traditional and equally lovely idea. We are using the Magazine that Susan makes as a Catalog, its all lovely and hand made and it will also be much cheaper then the CD!

Postcards: Ethel found a great company with great prices, and JB is finishing up the layout of the postcards now, they look great!! All lovely bright yellow like the logo!

Logo: The logo is long done and i Love it, it comes in white, black and yellow and here is my favorite!

Website: the website is now up and its pretty good! Kevin has worked very hard on it!

Tomorrow we are having a meeting with Andy and then we are gonna allocate spaces for everyone!

I cant wait for this to bee all over so i can have my email back!!

14th of June

Wow, the show opens in less then 1 month!!

Im rendering something so i have some time to kill so i have been looking at some prizes for the show!

Because the postcards are gonna cost more then we thought, and paypal is taking a little bit of all the money we send it our budget is getting smaller by the minute! But i have found a cheaper poster printer!! can do 10 posters for £47 witch is pretty good!

And i have found 3 different prizes for the wine glasses, i thought it would be nice to go with little plastic wine glasses rather then the cheaper but way tackier plain plastic glasses,

at the moment its between THESE THESE or THESE i like the middle once best i think!

It turnt out the guy i knew that works for majestic no longer works for majestic, but they are still the best option as they are cheap and deliver for free and they do buckets of ice and stuff, its always nice to have cold wine in the summer!

We did the floor plans last week and pretty much everyone is happy after some juggeling around

In the light space we have swapped Cheerasak and Jenni around, to allow Jenni and Esmeralda to have more space

And in here we have swapped Julia and Sara, hopefully Sara will be able to turn the wall around to allow space for the projector.
Personally i am very happy with the space, but a bit concerned about ppl blocking the  way to my projector light, but it will be fine i think!

At the next meeting we need to decide on some other stuff, like if we should print invites or just ask the ppl to bring invites on their phone or print out their own, i think we will go with the latter as its easier, cheaper and environmentally friendlier! and that us: friend of the environment! (probably more like friends of our wallets!)

We also have to come up with a solution about the bar, there is one in the dark space we can use, but should we maybe have one in the light space too? and in the dark space what should we do to light up the bar? fairly lights would be far to un digital, but i think we need to light it up someway, ill ask on the meeting!!


15th of June:

WOOHOO the showreal is done!


i just got over 500 plastic wine glasses delivered:

Tuesday the 22nd of June

We are getting clooooser!

Im waiting for Jean Baptiste to send me the poster image so i can get them printed,

I have ordered 24 bottles of really really nice apple juice for the show, and me, Ethel and Mani are going to pick them up on friday

The glasses are in my room

Susan is sending the first few catalog in the mail soon, so they will be there for assessment, and the rest she is taking on the train with her on the 9th

The postcards are being made as we speak!

I’m gonna go to Magestic Wine Warehouse to find some wine one day soon!

The floor plan is pretty much done:

In the one above Jenni has swapped space with Cheerasak

And we are starting to sett  up the show next tuesday!

The invites are being digitally made now, and the email including them should be sent out next tuesday and a reminder a few days before the opening.

And i have had 35 emails today so far.

We are having a final meeting tomorrow, at 11.

Wednesday the 23rd of June

I just got back from the meeting, and it was a pretty good one, we start setting up on tuesday so its nearly over!

Susan has sent me the catalog and it looks greta, but she also sent me all the bills, and it comes to £511 for all the ink and paper, so I want to send her the rest of the money to cover that, but that means there will be no money left! I have asked around to see if everyone is ok with paying an extra £10, i can get the money off them on tuesday when we start setting up the show. I hope that is ok with everyone, there is still a few bits and pieces we need:

gaffer tape to cover the wired, something to cover the floor with, yellow paint for the bar and polly filler.

And still need to get the wine and the ice, the snacks and pay for the apple juice. And order the posters.

In other news my friend Alex is gonna do us  a really nice HTML email invite, i think that will be great!

Im sooo tired. i really want a drink and to forget about all this.

Monday 28th of June

The posters ave arrived! The juice is payed for and living in the basement of wilson rd. I went to B&Q and got lots of stuff, and all that is left is the wine and the ice, and i have pleeeeeeeeenty of time to sort that out! And before i do i need some more money!

I went to the space today and it was pretty much empty, but for whatever reason we are not going to start working on it til tomorrow. Its should be fine tho, except for   picking up a gazillion clay pigeons that have been smashed against a door.

Here are the posters:

they are not great quality but they look ok, i have not taken them out of the roll yet as i dont think i can get them in again!! i only got 8, rather then 10.

and here is some photos of the catalog that Susan sent me!:


Two Days Left:

i just sent a somewhat passive aggressive email to the group, not cuz i mean just cuz im really nervous about finishing the show build on monday!

“Heloo everyone (i hope)
few more bits for all of you:
I need you all to:
Send me:
your on/off instructions
artist statements
the price of your work and number of editions (if for sale),
and your phone number in case of exhibition related emergencies
please put it all in one .doc file
i need you all to fill in the label details, and include the prices even tho they wont go on the lables:
i want all of this by WEDNESDAY THE 7TH OF JUNE
you ALL (except for those who cant of the onliners) to come in betwean 10 and 11. NOT at 12 or 13 etc etc
you NEED to bring some cleaning supplies, maybe some floor cleaners, or a mop or a scrub, bucket etc.
We need to clean all of the floors, and we are gonna do that from 14.00 starting in the dark space then doing the light space.
I dont care if your work is not finished or installed, or if your space is clean already
this is one show in two spaces, not two separate shows in two spaces.
once the floors are clean you can get back to work
AND: once your space is ready YOU WILL NOT GO HOME
you will help out anyone who is not finished yet.
those are the rules!
on a different note most of you have done a great job, the spaces looks great!!!
im sorry to be shouty but this is our last day and it needs to go ok!”

not to bad i hope!

Here are some photos from the show build:


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  1. Thanks for being so proactive with the Degree Show Ina! The group definitly needs a push (including myself). In truth, I’ve been wanting to be present but I’ve been swamped with other stuff. Adding this section is a brilliant idea. I’ve linked you and thanked you personally on my blog 😉 Really looking forward to the show!


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